Hug Your (Online Review) Haters: Tips From Jay Baer’s Best Selling Book

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Hug Your Online Review Haters

Jay Baer has written one of the most important and useful books on customer service for our current age. In this post, I’ll give you a quick take on Baer’s customer service insights and axioms that make Hug Your Haters a must-read. Read More…

How NOT to Respond to Customer Reviews: 8 DON’Ts From a Recent Case Study

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Anytown, USA: A customer (who also happens to be an active Yelper) is enjoying a sandwich at his regular haunt: a small local burger joint that also doubles as an arcade. Enter a gleefully screaming child, whose behavior continues uncorrected by parent nor staff for the length of our customer’s meal, souring his dining experience. He takes to Yelp to complain. Read More…