Digital Marketing Expert Interview Series

Every week, hosts insightful interviews with digital marketing agency experts.

Topics include Local SEO, Content Marketing, Web Design and Development, Customer Service, Data-driven Strategies, Marketing Agency Strategy, and so much more.

Directing Traffic and Thwarting SEO Misconceptions

What are some key SEO misconceptions? Michael Martinez discusses what many SEO practitioners get wrong when developing strategy and tactics.


Ryan Robinson | Marketing Blog

A Master Marketing Blogger’s Guide To Agency Success

Blogging can still be a lucrative way to drive agency success. Ryan Robinson shares his fascination with the intersection of content marketing and SEO.


Jason Barnard | AEOisSEO

Understanding, Credibility and Deliverability in AEO

Jason Barnard, podcast host of SEOisAEO, shares how brands can succeed by developing a foundation around understanding, credibility, and deliverability.


Garrett French and Leigh Bhe | Sponsorship Marketing

The Overlooked Human Touch of Sponsorship Marketing

Sponsorship marketing can help you generate leads and links, but it also provides a window into your community when you put the right plan in place.


Marcus Miller | Agile SEO

Agile SEO Project Management and Digital Marketing Simplicity

When you’re building out a digital marketing strategy for clients, Marcus Miller shares how he uses agile SEO project management to deliver great results.


Rob Woods - SEO for Different Industries

How To Approach SEO and PR For Different Industries As a Consultant

Rob Woods is an industry SEO consultant who uses technical SEO like a scalpel to fix his client’s traffic and ranking problems, while boosting their PR.


SEO Content Audit Strategies

SEO Driven Website and Content Audit Strategies and Tactics with Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward discusses how he approached his SEO by restructuring the content on his website to speak more clearly to his audience and solve problems.


Andy Drinkwater- Evolution of Online Reputation Management

The Evolution of Online Reputation Management Services with Andy Drinkwater

Why should you add online reputation management services when you’re a digital marketing agency? We talked reputation with Andy Drinkwater to find out.


Cori Graft of Seer Interactive interview

Local SEO Data Management For Multi-Location National Clients with Cori Graft

Local SEO data management requires digital research and a comprehensive discovery process. Cori Graft of Seer Interactive details what this can encapsulate.


Andy Crestodina - Web Design Hypothesis - Title Image

An Agency’s Hypothesis-Driven Web Design and Development Philosophy with Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Orbit Media Studios, shares how he brings a web design hypothesis to the table, letting data drive decisions.


Eric Shanfelt - Local Voice Search - Title Image

Local Voice Search, the Big 3 of Voice, and Tactical Misconceptions with Eric Shanfelt

Eric Shanfelt of Local Marketing Institute, explains local voice search and the nuances of the big 3 players: Google, Apple, and Amazon.


Rosie Murphy - Content Marketing Research - Title Image

Creating the Gold Standard For Research Based Content Marketing with Rosie Murphy

Content marketing research requires planning, preparation, execution. Rosie Murphy of BrightLocal shares how she has developed her skills.


Andrew Beckman - Multi Location Clients - Title Image

Serving Multi Location Clients At the Local Level with Andrew Beckman

Andrew Beckman, founder of Location3, discusses his agency’s unique approach and the challenges of bringing added value to their multi location clients.


Dan Petrovic - Data Driven Agency - Title Image

Link Building, CTR, and Data Driven Agency – Client Relationships with Dan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic of Australian’s premier data driven agency Dejan SEO discusses working with SEO clients on link building, click through rates, and more.


Jenny Halasz - SEO Consultant - Title Image

Ask an SEO Consultant About the SEO Industry, MarTech Tools, and KICC with Jenny Halasz

In this interview, Jenny Halasz, a top SEO consultant in the industry, discusses her favorite SEO MarTech tools, meta data, and her KICC strategy.


Gyi Tsakalakis  - Local SEO Events - Title Image

Helping Lawyers Stand Out In a Crowded Digital Marketplace with Gyi Tsakalakis

Learn how lawyers and the agencies that serve them should start to think about their digital marketing efforts, and how they should be working together.


Bill Slawski - SEO Research - Title Image

SEO Research Secrets, Schema Shifts, and the Power of Entity-Based SEO with Bill Slawski

In this interview with SEO expert Bill Slawski, we dive into the SEO industry, conducting SEO research on Google patents, and the future of search engines.


Andrew Cock-Starkey  - Local SEO Events - Title Image

Launching and Running Local SEO Events with Andrew Cock-Starkey

Launching local SEO events, or ANY event, can be daunting. Andrew Cock-Starkey of Optimisey has been doing it with success, he shared his insights. (Food)


Miriam Ellis - Local SEO - Title Image

The Evolution and Maturation of Local SEO and Marketing with Miriam Ellis

Miriam Ellis of Moz shares strategic insights about local SEO and marketing for large & small businesses. Learn how the industry has changed over the years.


Lisa Baron - Career Building - Title Image

Building a Career, Branding, and the Power of Becoming an Intelligent Contrarian with Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone, CMO at Overit, sat down and discussed how she helps small businesses, and how being an intelligent contrarian helped her get to where she is.


Ashley Ryall Beaudoin - Social Selling - Title Image

Social Selling, Pricing Your Services, and Coming to Grips With Imposter Syndrome with Ashley Ryall Beaudoin

Struggling to price your services, social selling or dealing with imposter syndrome? This personal interview with Ashley (Ryall) Beaudoin can’t be missed.


Michelle Robbins - MarTech - Title Image

MarTech Solutions: Deployment, Implementation and Adoption with Michelle Robbins

Martech impacts every sized business. In this expert interview, Michelle Robbins of Milestone Inc. discusses proper implementation and adoption, so you’re not wasting money.


Daniel Lemin - Word-of-Mouth - Title Image

Word-of-Mouth: How Agencies Add More Value to Review Management with Daniel Lemin

Word-of-mouth and review management go hand-in-hand. In this interview, Daniel Lemin, author of Talk Triggers, discusses how agencies can get involved.


Ben Fisher - Review Spam- Title Image

Combatting Spam, GMB Optimization, and Review Management with Ben Fisher

Combatting spam on Google My Business is essential to your local search strategy. Ben Fisher of Steady Demand discusses why combatting spam matters.


Lee Odden - Marketing Agency - Title Image

Taking Your Marketing Agency From the Basement to the Boardroom with Lee Odden

Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing shares his advice & tips on building small content marketing agencies into powerhouses that work with million dollar clients.


Shane Barker - Influencer Marketing - Title Image

How Agencies and Brands Can Approach Influencer Marketing Like a Boss with Shane Barker

Shane Barker cracked the code on the best way to choose and work with influencers whether you’re a brand or agency. Learn insights on influencer marketing.


Andy Capaloff - B2B Lead Generation - Title Image

B2B Lead Generation, Client Selection, and the Challenges of Effective Content Marketing with Andy Capaloff

Andy Capaloff, COO of Curatti, a content marketing digital agency, provides insights on B2B lead generation with a focus on LinkedIn.


Tim Capper - Google Product Expert - Title Image

Life as a Google Product Expert: A Glimpse Under the Curtain with Tim Capper

Google Product Expert Tim Capper had great information to share about the benefits of the program. If you’re a local SEO, you won’t want to miss this.


Jay Baer - Storytelling - Title Image

Storytelling Driven by Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Jay Baer

Jay Baer, President of Convince and Convert, had a lot of incredible insights to share about word-of-mouth advertising and review management.


Jason Swenk - Marketing Agency - Title Image

Growing, Running, and Determining the Value of a Marketing Agency with Jason Swenk

Jason launched and grew his own marketing agency into a multimillion dollar business. Now he’s dedicated to mentoring and educating other agency owners.


Andrew Shotland- Local SEO Agency - Title Image

Local SEO Industry Changes, Running a Local SEO Agency, and Helping Clients Succeed with Andrew Shotland

Andrew Shotland provided advice for new local SEO agencies in this interview and talked about the challenges he and other local SEO agency specialists face.


Shep Hyken - 5-Star Business - Title Image

What it Takes To Be a 5-Star Business with Shep Hyken

Getting 5-star reviews is crucial for your business, but you can’t without delivering 5-star service. We sat down with Shep Hyken to get his advice.


Marie Haynes - Link Building - Title Image

Saving Sites and the Future of Link Building with Marie Haynes

An interview with Google penalty expert and algorithm analyst Marie Haynes. Marie discusses link building and diagnosing traffic drops.


Jason Brown - Fake Reviews Blog Post Title Image

Fake Reviews, Review Management, and the Review Site of the Future with Jason Brown

If you’re the type of person who buys fake reviews, there’s a good chance Jason Brown has your number. We interviewed Jason about the prevalence of fake reviews.


Phil Rozek - Local SEO Blog Post Title Image

Insights for Consultants: Getting Started with Local SEO with Phil Rozek

Phil Rozek offers great insights for consultants who want to launch a new local SEO business or want to improve the one they already have.