Just Released: The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews

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The Marketer's Guide to Customer Reviews Cover The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews

We’re so excited to be releasing The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews, the first book about how to turn online customer reviews in an addressable marketing channel.

The book is 60+ pages and illustrated with tons of stats, facts, tips and examples. Whether you struggle with negative or non-existent reviews or already have a solid online reputation to work with, there are tips here to help you approach, generate, manage and make the most of customer reviews over the long term.

Cheryl Conner of Forbes.com writes, “This book is so timely. Research is increasingly showing the role customer reviews play in the sales and marketing world. Jon Hall’s book is spot-on, and should be required reading for every professional who is running a business or selling a product or service, whether online or off, within our current connected world.”

Written by the founder and fearless leader of Grade.us, The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Reviews draws on decades of in-the-trenches experience, as well as the latest research and best practices for reviews across sites and industries. See what experts are saying and download it free.