Google Creates a Tool to Auto Generate Signage of Your Best Reviews!

Today, Google released a fun little tool for small businesses (with a GMB listing) to auto-generate well designed signage to place outside your store. Read More...
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Well this is neat! Today, Google released a fun little tool that allows small businesses (with a GMB listing) to auto-generate well designed signage to place outside your store.

I bet you know why we here at love this tool… it includes snippets from your positive google reviews!

The tool lives over at:

Step 1. Search for your business to get started

The tool is incredibly easy to use. First, simply start typing in the name of your business. A drop down of businesses will appear for you to find and select yours.

Step 2. Choose the poster template you want to use

Choose Your Poster

They provide 3 beautifully designed posters that feature a choice quote from one of your positive Google reviews.

Step 3. Download a hi-res PDF of the poster and/or share on social media

Download your poster

Alternatively, you can customize it!

Google might not provide a jaw dropping review quote, but if you haven’t already run off to the printers, you can use their customization to choose the layout (from two template options), the font color of the quote, and the quote itself.

Click on the “or customize your own” link below the posters, as seen in the image below.

Customize the poster

Step 1. Choose the layout

choose the layout

Step 2. Choose the review

choose the review

Step 3. Choose your style and color

Choose your style and color

When you click on one of the options, you’ll see a little color palette below the photo.

choose color 2

Boom! Download your Poster!

How cool is that? You can tell that Google is starting to really care about connecting the digital experience with the offline world, and this little tool of thoughtfulness highlights the value of online reviews as social proof.

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