review request text templates to get google reviews

30 Review Request Text Templates To Get Google Reviews

Use these 30 text templates to ask for a Google review. Get Google reviews to build a reputation. Text message review requests are effective. Read More...
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Using text templates to ask for a Google review is not some sort of bad practice. When you don't have the time to write a personal message to every customer, a text template is an efficient way to give your happy customers a voice.

Besides, text messages have a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate. No other form of outreach comes close to these numbers.

So if you're not using text messages to generate reviews, you're leaving a lot of valuable social proof potential on the table.

Then comes the fear of not knowing what to say. You don't want to come off as scripted or formal, but it can be tricky to have the appropriate tone regardless of the person receiving the text template.

Not sure what to say, or how to say it? I've got your back. These thirty text templates are designed to get you up and running fast. Of course, you may want to come up with your own or personalize these a lot more as you get more comfortable with SMS review management.

Discovering a tool to deliver your review request text templates.

Text templates only works if you can get customers straight to your GMB listing and the Google review pop up window. If you don't make it easy for them, they're not going to do it.

Google has not provided any method, for making it easy to find that specific link that works on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our free Google Review Link Generator is the quick, easy solution to this problem.

You just plug in the name of your business and your zip code, and let it get to work. For the purposes of this demo, I used the Google My Business listing of a Mexican restaurant that I enjoy popping into from time to time. Review Link Generator

Step 1: Enter the business name and zip code.

Verify the google listing

Step 2: The tool verifies it's found the right place.

resulting google review links with review dialog

Step 3: Copy/paste the recommended dialog into the text template.

Google review dialog for Cantina Laredo

Step 4: Here's what your customers see. Yeah, I took a moment to leave one after snapping the screen shot. The place makes good fish tacos.

With this tool you can make sure it literally takes no more than 30 seconds for customers to leave a review on their smartphone.

General Industry Agnostic Review Request Text Templates

These basic stand-bys are meant to be professional, friendly, and workable for any industry.

1.  Hey, [customer name], thanks for being our customer! Please consider leaving us a review. [Review link].

2. Hi, [customer name], thanks for stopping by today! Would you please take a moment to leave us some feedback? It should only take a minute. [Review link].

3. [Customer name], did we do a good job for you today? If so, please consider leaving us a review. [Review link].

4. It was great seeing you today, [customer name]! Would you kindly consider leaving us a review? [Review link].

5. Hi, [customer name], it's [business]. If we provided top-notch service to you today please consider taking a few seconds to leave us a review. [Review link].

Home Services Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

These specific templates give you an opportunity to encourage your existing customers to address one of the primary concerns new customers have about contractors.

6. Hi, [customer name], it's [contractor]. Did the quality of our workmanship exceed your expectations today? If so, please consider leaving a review. [Review link].

7. Hey, [customer name], it's [contractor]. Did my guys arrive on time and treat you right today? Please leave your feedback here: [Review link].

8. Hi, [customer name]. Were you satisfied with the job [contractor] completed for you today? If so, please consider leaving us a review. [Review link].

9. Hiring contractors is scary! If the service you got from [contractor] was sublime instead of spooky, please help your fellow homeowners by leaving us a review. [Review link].

As you can see, you don't need to be stiff and formal! Home services can get away with a little punch and personality, as long as the crew has done a great job.

Legal Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

Reviews in the legal industry are plagued by reluctance: reluctance to leave them and reluctance to ask for them. Make the transaction more comfortable for all parties with these simple templates.

10. Thanks for trusting me with your case, [customer name]. If you feel like I've done a good job of representing you please consider helping other clients find me by leaving a review. [Review link].

11. Now that your case is over, [customer name], please let me know how I did. Did I do a good job of answering your questions and staying available? If so, please consider leaving a review. [Review link].

12. We enjoyed having you as our client, [customer name]. Please consider taking a moment to leave us feedback on how we did. [Review link].

Asking for reviews via SMS can be just as professional as asking for them any other way. Keeping the interaction matter-of-fact and conservative reduces awkwardness for both the client and the attorney.

Hospitality Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

Nobody needs reviews more than folks who are in the hospitality business.

13. How was your stay, [customer name?] Take a moment to let us know! [Review link].

14. Thanks for choosing [business name] to be your hosts in [city name]. Please let us know how we did. [Review link].

15. We loved having you as our guest at [business name]. If you loved being our guest, please take a few seconds to tell us so! [Review link].

16. At [business name] we're committed to excellence. Please help us improve for your fellow travelers by leaving us some fast feedback. [Review link].

This is the one industry where customers seem more than happy to talk all about the good, the bad, and the ugly, which means SMS review management is likely to be especially effective for this industry.

Healthcare Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

These templates will help you address common patient "hot buttons," even as you encourage them to comment.

17. How was the quality of our care today, [patient]? Please take a moment to let us know. [Review link].

18. Did [doctor] give you top-notch care today? Please give us your feedback here: [Review link].

19. Did you receive friendly, professional service today, [name]? If so, please take a few seconds to leave a review. [Review link].

Requesting reviews in this industry is a bit like having a good bedside manner. You need to remain professional, but upbeat.

Wedding Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

Like businesses in the hospitality industry, businesses in the wedding industry need more reviews than average to stand out. Just make sure your part in the festivities is done before you send the text.

20. Say yes to! If we did a great job at your wedding, please tell us so. [Review link].

21. [Customer name], did we help make your wedding magical? Help us help other couples! Please take a few seconds to tell us about your experience. [Review link].

22. [Customer name], did we make your wedding easier? If so, tell us how! Please leave a review by clicking here: [Review link].

23. [Customer name], now that the big day is done, we'd love to know how we did. Would you please leave us some feedback? Here's the link to make it quick and easy: [Review link].

By the way, please don't rely on using the word "bride" in your review requests.

You could be talking to the groom. The couple could be two grooms or two brides. The entire family could be into gender neutrality. You could be talking to the mother-in-law.

You don't necessarily know, so don't assume. If your assumptions (or personal views) alienate your customers, they don't lose, you do.

Real Estate Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

For realtors, getting reviews isn't just about telling the internet how great you are. They serve the vital secondary purpose of helping to educate future customers. Phrasing can help make your reviews more useful.

24. [Customer], now that the closing is over, are you satisfied I did a good job negotiating on your behalf? If so, please consider leaving a review! [Review link].

25. Congratulations on your new home, [customer]! Did I do a good job of helping you navigate the buying process? Please let me know here: [Review link].

26. Congratulations on selling your home, [customer]! Would you list your home with me again in the future? Feedback helps me improve. Please leave some here: [Review link].

27. Moving sucks, but hopefully my services didn't! If I did a good job of helping you [buy/sell] your home, please consider leaving me a review. It'll only take a second. [Review link].

Obviously knowing your audience is key. Not everyone will take #27 well. But for others, a joke like that will be the swiftest way to get the review you want!

Automotive Industry Specific Review Request Text Templates

In the automotive industry, scoring reviews is about more than getting new customers. It also tends to build loyalty with existing customers, a persistent challenge.

28. [Customer], was my service as awesome as that new car smell? I'd love to get your feedback! [Review link].

29. [Customer], now that we've gotten you back on the road, please tell us how our service team did here at [dealership]. You can leave your feedback here: [Review link].

30. [Customer], did you have a great sales experience today? Please take a moment to let me know! [Review link].

The exact phrasing will depend on whether you're sending the request as an individual (i.e., as the salesperson), or as the dealership itself (i.e., on behalf of the service team).

The Bottom Line When It Comes Text Message Review Requests

These aren't hard guidelines. There's no standardized, "right way" to ask your customer for a Google review. There's only the way that matches your brand and your audience. Don't be afraid to experiment so you can figure out what will get you the best response.

If you're a local business, you need to get Google reviews. They continue to grow in importance. In fact,  Google has started to use reviews in suggested answers when someone asks a question on your Google My Business profile. Imagine your reviews answering your customers questions! Frankly, you could ask for Google reviews with email templates, but text templates are probably even better.

Have you been successful at gathering Google reviews with text template requests? What was your approach? Let us know in the comments below!

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