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reputation management software 2020

12 Top Reputation Management Software for 2020

Buying reputation management software for your business is like purchasing a moat for your castle and party confetti at the same time. When you’ve invested in review management, on the one hand, you’re deciding to proactively generate reviews from your customers to drive loyalty, celebrate your happiest evangelists, and create

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negative reviews on google

How To Deal With Negative Reviews On Google

You’ve just received a negative review on Google. Or maybe, you’ve just decided to focus on improving your digital reputation and discovered some critical reviews of your business. Either way, a negative review on Google is a problem you need to address. The consequences of negative reviews can be devastating

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review management checklist 2020

The Ultimate 2020 Review Management Checklist

Updated: 5/19/2020 Online reputation management (ORM) has evolved into an essential necessity of digital marketing. Any business with an online presence needs to actively manage their online reviews. With many businesses adjusting to the new normal, your online reviews can highlight your customers’ current expectations of you, but also support

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stopped writing reviews during the pandemic

Have People Stopped Writing Reviews During the Pandemic?

Are customers still writing reviews during the pandemic? It’s a reasonable question to ask. The immediate assumption many have is that customers aren’t at all focused on reviews right now. They’re focused on isolation, on social distancing, and staying safe.  Is this true? As you’ll soon see in a minute,

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