Scale your agency with the NEW Prospect Report

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Review management is a crowded space. Your agency needs to stand out and build value to win new clients.

But agency lead generation and client acquisition are difficult. It takes time, energy, resources and people to prospect new leads for your agency. You may even have to comb through thousands of data points to find a good prospect for your service. 

In a recent customer survey, 25% of agencies responded that Lead Gen, or getting new clients, was their biggest challenge. Client acquisition had nearly double the responses as the next closest response. 

Agencies such as Linchpin SEO and Pyxl, as well as global EdTech company Henry Harvin, have written about the challenges of finding and keeping new clients. It’s a big topic, and there’s a lot to unpack. has always been a leader for digital marketing agencies and resellers. Reputation management is a profitable and necessary service your clients need. Our platform is customizable and white-labelable. And now, we’ve enhanced our resources with the updated Prospect Report to better serve our agency partners.

Generate Leads with the Prospect Report

The Prospect Report was developed to help agencies (you guessed it!) prospect for new clients. But the previous version left something to be desired. 

There is more power than ever behind the Prospect Report. The new report is powered by Traject Data. Traject Data delivers accurate and reliable local pack and organic search results from a comprehensive set of daily SERP data points.

  • An Overall Score calculated using the four categories below
  • Average rating on major review sites
  • Volume of reviews 
  • Recency of reviews
  • Sentiment value based on Google Reviews
  • White-label options for custom CTAs and branding

Show your prospects that you’ve done your homework, but also how you can best address their specific needs. 

Screenshot of GUS Prospect Report Overall

The Overall Score is an aggregate score based on review volume, rating, recency and sentiment. A higher score means the business has a better online presence. Our report even provides color with an overview statement so you can build the narrative with your client. Here we say, “Not too shabby!…”

Review Volume is a key indicator to potential customers that your business accepts, encourages and values feedback. It’s also a key local search ranking factor. Google looks at a business’ prominence, and review volume, as well as rating, factor into your local ranking.

A prospective client with a strong rating, but few reviews, needs to increase volume. You can help them automate the review request process to make sure they’re asking all customers for a review. 

screenshot of GUS Prospect Report Rating

The Prospect Report provides helpful information for your agency as you pitch new clients. For instance, telling your potential clients that “businesses with a star rating between 4-4.5 actually earn more revenue” gives you a benchmark to aim for, and help your business partners. 

Screenshot of GUS Prospect Report Recency

Recent reviews carry more weight than reviews from a long time ago. It’s important to keep a steady flow of reviews for a business. Utilize a email or text review request campaign within Even better, connect via an integration and automate the process of adding customers to your account to create a seamless purchase to review experience. 

You may find a business whose review count and rating are strong, but could be losing customers because they haven’t had a review in the past 30 days. Be their hero and help fix their process by consistently generating reviews.

Screenshot of GUS Prospect Report Sentiment

Sentiment is developed using Google’s review summary. We pull out Google’s information to provide a sentiment analysis so you can better understand how customers feel about your prospect’s business.

How to use Prospect Reports

There are two main ways to utilize Prospect Reports for your agency. You can access client reports in our application, or use the widget on your website. 

Log in to or sign up here. Navigate to the Agency Tools tab and select Prospect Reports.

Screenshot of GUS Agency Tools Prospect Reports

Once you’re in Agency Tools click the blue “+Create a Prospect Report” button to create a new Prospect Report, or access any previously created reports.

Screenshot of GUS Create a Prospect Report

The Prospect Report feature will generate a pdf AND an HTML link. You can email the report to your prospect as an attachment, or as a hyperlink. We find it best to walk through the report with your prospective client whenever possible. This will give you an opportunity to build value for your service, and create a clear next step for your process.

Another way to use the Prospect Report is to place the Prospect Report widget on your website to generate inbound agency leads.  Prospects who visit your website will be able to create their own report, see how they stack up versus competitors and decide to contact you directly. 

The Prospect Report widget can be found by going to your Brand Page within

Then select Widgets in the left-hand bar. Here you’ll find the embed code to place on your website and begin generating new leads from your website visitors.

For a sneak peak at the Prospect Report widget in action you can find it on the website here.

Provide ROI and Competitive Insights to Clients

A Prospect Report gives you a beginning benchmark, a standard on which you can measure your program. You’ll know where the client started in comparison to competitors. Pull a new report every month, quarter or year to see how they have improved their online reputation versus competitors after enlisting your services.

Keep abreast of your client’s competitors by running reports periodically for client competitors. If your client has 2 or 3 key competitors you can run reports for their business and see how their performance changes over time as well. Track these in a spreadsheet and create handy visuals to share. This is an incredible value-add for your agency. 

Summary changed the game for agencies selling reputation management with the Prospect Report. With this enhanced version, agencies and resellers will be able to tell a better story, provide more insight and build value with potential clients. 

Agencies can also show ROI and provide competitive data to build a foundation of trust with  prospects. Client management, education and relationship-building never stops for an agency. Prospect Reports will help you scale like never before!