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Why Your Agency Should Use White-Label Software for Review Management

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Businesses rely heavily on customer reviews to get new customers. But every business — small, medium, and enterprise — faces its own set of challenges that make it difficult to manage a review strategy on their own. Whether it’s budget and human resource constraints, scalability issues, or dealing with competitive and regulatory pressures, everyone’s juggling and struggling in some way. 

That’s why offering review management services is one of the best things you can do to support your clients today and demonstrate your agency’s value while opening the door to more revenue. How do we know? Outside of improving their website, over half (52%) of small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. say they need the most help with lead generation — and that’s where review management shines.

But here’s the kicker: Many of the same challenges and pressures that your clients face, your agency faces too. Though it’s in your agency’s interest to help your clients with review management, it still takes time, tools, and resources you may not readily have available. 

So, how do you help your clients build and manage strong customer review portfolios AND ensure your service is profitable and doesn’t mire you in costs?

By using white-label software for review management, you and your clients get access to a professional, agency-branded, comprehensive platform that automates review workflows and provides in-depth reporting. Just as important, you get to set the price of the solution to achieve the profit margins you desire.  

Here’s a closer look at how white labeling works and how your agency and your clients can benefit from using white-label software. 

How white-labeling software works

White labeling means you sell a product or service as your own, with your own branding and logo, but the product or the software that powers the service is built and leased by a third party. 

In your case, you sell a third-party review management software platform to your clients that looks and feels like it’s your agency’s platform in every way.

White-label software enables your agency to:

  • Complete client review management projects under your agency’s brand name
  • Set your own terms, pricing, and contracts
  • Create your own service delivery models
  • Provide end-to-end review management service and support to your clients

Those are the basics of white labeling. Now for the business impact on your agency.

5 Major benefits of using white-label review management software

Like so many other businesses, your agency is constantly being challenged to do more. Support more clients, break into more industries, find more and better ways to get projects done, keep up with more trends. But hiring more staff to help isn’t always an option.

Using review management software like that you can white label and sell as your own creates a huge opportunity for your agency to do more — without the need for additional human resources or a substantially bigger budget. 

Here’s how your agency can benefit.

1. Generate more revenue and maximize profit

With a review management software platform that can handle all review-related tasks and reporting, you can quickly fire up a ready-made, consistent revenue stream that nearly all your clients will value, especially local businesses for whom customer reviews are so vital to their visibility, lead generation, and sales. 

White labeling also allows you to create your own pricing structure when selling the solution to your clients, so that you can maximize the profit you make on the service — with very little upfront cost. 

2. Save costs

White-label review management software is hosted and maintained elsewhere, so you don’t need to pour money into costly infrastructure upgrades and maintenance. And because the platform is built to be comprehensive, you don’t have to purchase additional software to handle something the core product doesn’t do. 

With a single monthly subscription, you avoid getting stuck in expensive long-term contracts or paying for multiple seats you don’t need. You get all the benefits of advanced technology without the financial burden of it. 

3. Easily scale your services

With a white-label platform, you can offer review management services to any or all of your clients right away — and easily scale the service as you acquire new clients and grow your agency

The platform manages the process and data for you — at any volume — so you don’t have to worry about overloading the system or having to expand your staff. You can also use the value-added service to help market your agency to new niches and industries, strengthening your agency’s brand and following in the process.

4. Stay relevant and competitive

As an agency, it’s your job to be proactive and relevant. You have to see important trends coming over the horizon and how they’ll impact client demands. As more of your clients express concerns about review management, or feel the urgency to create a new review strategy, you’ll already have the tools in place to get them on their way. 

When you have what they need, and they don’t even have to ask for it, your agency stays ahead of the curve and gains a competitive advantage. In fact, 80% of surveyed agencies expect clients to want more specialization, and 79% expect clients to want more comprehensive services, when choosing an agency this year. A white-label review management platform checks those boxes.

5. Get advice and support

White-label software providers are responsible for their own technology and the markets in which they operate. This means they work hard to stay ahead of industry changes, upgrade their technology as needed, and keep you in the loop. 

When you need help with everything from service delivery models to pricing to pitching and marketing the service to your clients, they can step in and offer expert advice and support.

Your clients benefit too

Aside from the fact that your clients get much-needed help with building up and managing their review portfolios, using white-label software provides unique benefits to them as well.

  • Branded experience: Your clients want to build a relationship with your agency and use it as a one-stop shop for all their marketing and related needs. Giving them a branded review management solution reinforces and strengthens that relationship, instead of sending them out to some other software provider that disconnects them from your agency and their relationship with you.
  • Reporting and analytics: Even if your clients don’t have the time and resources to manage reviews in-house, they still want to know how well their reviews are performing. With a white-label solution, your clients get direct access to their own review data through daily, weekly, or monthly reports so they can see the results for themselves — helping them stay engaged and involved with the service, and with your agency in general.
  • Customized service: With review management running as a well-oiled, branded machine, your clients get more of your agency’s time and resources to really understand their emerging needs and get personalized strategies for reaching their goals and objectives. 

Ready to white label? Get started with

The review management platform is built for agencies like yours. Its scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and white labeling options enable you to use it for your entire client base and counting. You can easily meet your clients’ review gathering and management needs while powering your service with a comprehensive, reliable, automated platform that doesn’t require additional resources to run.

To learn how your agency can white label and sell the review management platform to your clients, start your free trial.