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4 Major Benefits of Automated Review Management — For Agencies

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As a marketing agency, you may be tasked with managing the online reputation of your clients. A big part of that is online reviews. Today, online reviews are often the first step in a customer’s decision-making process. 

However, managing reviews can be a time-consuming process, and handling them manually can be overwhelming. So many local businesses look to their marketing agency to handle it. But you’ve also got your hands full. 

This is where automated review management can come in handy.

Automated review management is simply using a software platform to manage online reviews. It’s particularly helpful to marketing agencies who want to streamline their review management process. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Saves time

The obvious benefit to automating review management — it can save you a significant amount of time. Manually managing reviews involves checking different review sites, responding to reviews, and monitoring changes in review ratings. It’s so much work that a single staff member could probably be dedicated to it. But automated review management software can handle all these tasks, allowing you to focus on other critical client work.

2. Scalable

All the time-consuming manual effort involved with managing reviews for multiple brands and locations is virtually eliminated. A platform built for agencies—not individual businesses or brands—is able to monitor a wide variety of review sites, organize and gather reviews in one place, and streamline the review request, sharing, and reporting processes across your entire client list.

A single, centralized review management platform also helps you grow your agency without breaking the system. You can quickly add and onboard as many new clients as you need to the platform—scaling the service without needing additional tools or human resources. 

3. Revenue generating

Adopting an automated review management platform costs very little upfront. You pay for a single monthly subscription for your agency, but can turn around and resell the service to each individual client for an additional fee. The single subscription means you’re not paying for multiple “seats” and the comprehensive platform means you don’t have to buy additional software. 

Automated review management also provides the relevant support that many businesses need today and are more than willing to pay for. You can white-label a platform and brand it as your own so it looks like a professional and sophisticated extension of your agency’s services. Then when you upsell review management to your clients, you can price it to maximize your profit margin—retaining anything over and beyond what you pay for the single subscription.

4. Better service to your clients

Automated review management software can help you maintain consistency in their review management process. The software can use predefined templates to respond to reviews, ensuring that responses are consistent across different review sites.

It can also help streamline the review management process. A review management platform can monitor multiple review sites, send review alerts, and generate reports. It can also help you make sure that reviews are responded to promptly.

Automated review management can ultimately raise the quality of attention you give to clients—and boost revenue. When you don’t have to commit as much time and effort to manage reviews, you can spend more of it strategizing with clients to really zero in on their marketing goals and help them get the most out of their relationship with your agency. 

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