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We have lots to share from HQ. New analytics is just one of the exciting feature updates that we've released. Read More...
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We have lots to share from HQ. And we assume you already have your grill mitt on and just want to get your weekend started. So we’ll get right to it: here’s what we’ve been working on…

New Analytics Dashboard in Public Beta

Our product team has been hard at work devising ways to empower you with data. Behold, then, the new “Analytics” tab in the dashboard (under “Reports”).

This tab gives you an at-a-glance performance report on your review management campaigns, including current review totals, new review activity, funnel activity including visits and clicks, as well as email/text campaigns sent and email opens/clicks.

Some of this data has just started collection. There’s more to do! We received a ton of great feedback on the Agency “performance dashboard” beta announced recently, and we’ll be iterating on these two features a lot in the coming months. Analytics

Improved CSV Import and Export

We’ve streamlined and simplified the CSV upload process by relaxing our formatting requirements:

  • We now support .XLSX uploads, so you will no longer receive error messages when you forget to convert your files.
  • You no longer need to use our required headers. Now you can match your own headers to the data they represent after uploading. This is done using a simple drag-and-drop interface:
CSV upload

We’ve also made the following improvements to CSV data import/export:

  • Campaign recipient CSV imports now allow you to specify a profile’s shortname – making it much easier to upload recipients for multi-location businesses – and tag recipients before uploading
  • You can now specify link URLs when bulk uploading many profiles at once
  • You can also now export a CSV with client performance reports that contains review data for the report’s time period
  • Customer feedback and directly collected review exports now contain any status flags and notes attached to entries

Better Text Message (SMS) Management

We’ve added a few features to give you more control over text messages – especially when it comes to your clients.

You can now set monthly text message limits on a per-client basis. The default limit is 200 messages per month, after which the user will be prevented from sending further messages. The maximum monthly limit is 2000 messages.

You can change the limit in Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text, where you can also view how many messages have already been sent.

this feature does not affect text message pricing or billing. All monthly messages over 200 are still billed per message.

Customizable Invite and Opt-in forms

To let you more fully brand and control your client experience, we’ve made both forms customizable – including with custom CSS.

Customize Forms

In the works: API v2

We’re working on version 2 of our API, which will provide some new and extra special secret sauce. More soon!

Private Beta Features for Large Agencies

We have a pair of new features in the works that can now be released to Agency customers with greater than 100 profiles with us: customizable invite/opt-in forms and a new suite of account-level default settings.

Account-level Defaults for New Profiles

Larger agencies can now set custom default settings for all new profiles created in your account. The new Manage > Defaults tab will cover most settings pertaining to:

  • Landing page text (Dashboard > Funnel > Content)
  • Landing page layouts and styling (Dashboard > Funnel > Setup)
  • Email campaign templates

Text Message Campaigns with Images (MMS)

Use images in your text campaigns to differentiate your service offering and get customers’ attention. Now in limited private beta release.

If you’re a large agency (> 500 seats) and would like to be included in the private beta for either of these features, drop us a line!

Whew! That’s all for now. As usual, direct your rants, raves and requests back at us and we’ll do what we can!

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