[Webinar Recap] Google and Facebook: Opportunities and Threats For Agencies and Their Local Clients

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Webinar Recap with David Mihm and Garrett Sussman for Agencies and their Local Clients

On April 5th, David Mihm of Tidings and I held a webinar discussing the past digital landscape and how things are rapidly changing in the context of Google and Facebook.

In the webinar we touched on:

  • Evolution of the digital landscape
  • What have agencies been selling?
  • What have SMBs been buying?
  • Where is the long-term opportunity?

Key points and takeaways from the webinar

  • Voice and mobile results reduce the number of organic Local winners.
  • Google and Facebook are monetizing more and more visibility.
  • Ads are getting easier for local businesses to DIY.

Survive disintermediation by:

  • Selling services that align with customer needs and demand
  • Selling services that are long-term concrete deliverables
  • Integrating best-of-breed point solutions that allow a margin

Adding value where Google and Facebook cannot

We still wanted to share our slides with everyone which have been embedded below:

Thank you again to everyone who attended the webinar.

For those of you who weren't able to attend, but have questions about Tidings or Grade.us for Agencies, please reach out!

More info:

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    1. Hey Tom,

      Unfortunately, the webinar tool did not properly record the session. The slide share above documents the content (even though it’s not a proper replacement for the full webinar.) Apologies.

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