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Email Marketing in 2018: The Best Articles, Tools, Blogs, People and Resources

Email marketing in 2018 continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach and retain customers. Want to become an email marketing ninja? Read More...
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Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach and retain customers.

Want to become an email marketing ninja?

These resources are here to help.

2018's Best Email Marketing Blogs

Take a deep dive into these awesome blogs. You'll walk away with plenty of ideas for your own email marketing campaigns.

1. Really Good Emails

Plenty of case studies and interviews with major companies who have seen incredible success with their email marketing campaigns. Here are a few recent articles.

2. Pure 360

Visit this blog for some straightforward, right-now action steps you can take to improve your email campaigns.

3. The Litmus Blog

In-depth research on everything email marketing. What's not to like?

4. Email Marketing Rules

Though there's a lot of overlap with the Litmus Blog (you'll see plenty of posts directing you to go to the other blog to read the whole thing) the "Last Word" is what you're there to see. Each month Email Marketing Rules does round-ups of awesome email marketing articles, subject lines, and tweets from around the web.

5. The Pinpointe Marketing Blog

In-depth blog posts and on-demand webinars about email marketing, from experts around the world.

6. The Mailshake Blog

A specific focus on transforming email into sales and a slew of actionable tips makes this blog a go-to.

2018's Best Email Marketing Articles

Here are some of the great articles that won't be found on the recommended best email marketing blogs:

45+ Fascinating Email Marketing Facts for 2018 - It's every email marketing statistic you've ever needed or wanted, gathered into one convenient place. The statistics are all segmented by (sometimes humorous) situations.

50 Must-Have Content Ideas for Your Email Newsletter - A list of ideas that is short, sweet, and to the point. For anyone who has ever struggled with what to write in these things.

This is Why Customers Hate Your Emails - Hard data on exactly what bugs customers the most about marketing emails.

A Curated Look at 100+ Email Predictions - Want to know what the future of email marketing looks like? This post will give you a fantastic head start.

19 of the Best Email Marketing Campaigns We've Ever Seen [+Template ] - This article not only introduces you to these campaigns, but tells you exactly why they work.

Email Marketing Turns 40 This Year. Now What? - An in-depth look at the history of email marketing, plus predictions for what's ahead.

The Best Email Marketing Sending Frequency Backed by 20 Studies - A definitive answer on how often you should be sending emails, backed by science.

2018's Best Paid Tools for Email Marketing

Everyone has their favorite email marketing platform, whether it's Aweber, Benchmark, MailChimp, Constant Contact or any of the other myriad of options out there.

But the platform alone isn't the only way to make life better and easier for email marketers.

Clearbit Connect - This one isn't for email newsletters, as it allows you to find just about anyone's email so you can get in touch with them fast. Obviously, these people won't have opted into your list yet. It is great if you're using individual emails for the purposes of sales prospecting. You can find up to 100 emails for free.

Motion Mail - Want to add a countdown timer to your emails? This app will make it easy. It's especially great for launching sales!

Bomb Bomb - Allows you to send video emails, which can be more effective than text-based ones.

Litmus - Allows you to build, edit, and preview your email across 90+ clients. You'll never have to worry your email will look funny on someone's browser or mobile device ever again!

Tidings - This great, powerful tool is the fastest, easiest way for small businesses to send a newsletter.

2018's Top Email Marketing Influencers

Staying on top of what these pros are doing will really help you step up your game.

Ben Settle - Want to profit from haters, trolls, and naysayers? Ben Settle will teach you how (and a bunch of other stuff, too). @BenSettle on Twitter.

David Mihm - Founder of Tidings, a web-based app which offers a cost-effective platform for small businesses to put out their newsletters. Follow him at @davidmihm.

Sujan Patel - Patel runs several companies, is a recognized marketing expert, and has a Twitter feed chock full of information about email marketing, as well as digital marketing in general.

2018's Best Email Marketing Ebooks, Whitepapers, and Other Resources

These long-form references will knock your socks off. Surprising no one, you'll have to sign up for some email lists to get ahold of several of them. 😉

Sales Follow-up Email Strategy: Lessons from 8 Sales Professionals - Organized like a master class you'd expect to pay a bundle for, only it's free. You'll see a mix of text and YouTube videos from all of the professionals.

Dynamic Content: Always Send the Right Message to the Right Customer - Learn how to make your content more personalized than ever...and how to automate this process.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Email Marketing - If you've never launched an email marketing campaign before, or feel like your campaigns just aren't working, this step-by-step, 5-chapter guide will be a big help.

Email Marketing Webinar - 2018 - Strategies That Will 10xs Your Business - A free 49 minute webinar.

Post GDPR First-Aid Kit - If you do business in the EU or have international customers this could be a vital resource for you this year.

Marketing Tips from Mailchimp - Tons of articles on email marketing, all gathered up by topic.

Did I miss any of your top email marketing resource picks for 2018?

Let me know in the comments below!

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