Review by Local SEO Expert Phil Rozek of Local Visibility System

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Local search visibility expert Phil Rozek of has given an excellent and exhaustive review of on his local SEO blog, demonstrating many of the value points we offer to small businesses, marketers and SEOs.

local-seo-review-of-grade-us phil rozek

Rozek validates that we’re doing lots of things right with a list of 12 things about that he really likes (our price, every element of the product design, our focus on the customer, the diversity of sites we integrate with, etc.) and 3 criticisms or suggestions for improvement (need better review-getting tips, alternative page layout options, and minor technical kinks ironed out) with which we agree and have already addressed or started to address.

The conversation in the comments section further validates the value of and is helping steer future directions for the product. Many thanks to Phil and his readers!