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The Ultimate Guide to Agency Local Marketing Tools for 2020

With these local marketing tools, your agency can manage local search listings, online reviews, local SEO campaigns - even advertising - at the local level.
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As digital marketing agencies focus more on local search, it's essential to have the best and most effective local marketing tools that will impact performance. As local search becomes more competitive and more local marketing tools enter the ecosystem, it can be challenging for agencies to identify the best solutions.

In part one, I shared a list of agency management tools, in part two I shared my list of creative + marketing tools.

Today, I'm going to share our list of local agency tools. With these tools, your agency can manage a massive number of local search listings, reviews, SEO campaigns - even advertising - at the local level.

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Client Focused Local Marketing Tools For Agencies

These tools are specially tailored for local search clients and campaigns. They're designed to reduce a significant amount of the workload agencies are typically required to carry. These local clients agency tools will focus on the following areas:

Listings Management


Whitespark offers local SEO tools and managed citation services. Like Moz Local, this platform is a SaaS offering that enables you to improve local and organic search rankings, improve citation consistency, managing listings, build links and more. Their managed offering means agencies are able to take a more hands-off approach to focus on the specific campaign details that matter most to their local clients.

Pricing: $0 - $497 per mo (varies by tool/service)


Yext states their "Yext Knowledge Engine" enables agencies/marketers to manage all their digital knowledge, including listings, reviews, and local pages. With their platform, you can control your citations/business information across 100+ sites and apps.

Pricing: Request a Demo


Synup claims they make local search "uncomplicated." They offer local search analytics, local listings and reputation management for businesses of all sizes. Their platform is simple and straightforward. They make it easy to provision and edit business locations as well as control data on external sites.

Pricing: Starts at $30 per location/per mo


Hibu offers to manage your information on top sites, directories and apps, keeping you in control of how your listings appear online. They also claim to make sure that your listings are available on voice search.

Pricing: Schedule a consultation


SEMRush's platform is robust, almost too robust. Shocker: they offer listings management now as well. You can get your business data correctly distributed to dozens of authoritative directories. You provide your NAP, check your listings, and they make sure your business information gets everywhere and stays updated.

Pricing: $99.95 - $399 .95 per mo


Claims more than 3500 agencies, marketers, and brands trust their service for local search reporting. They offer a citation builder, local SEO tools (e.g. rank tracking, keyword search tools, multi-location reporting, GMB insights, audit citations and more), rotation management and agency lead generators. Like Moz, they're an all-in-one SEO platform.

Pricing: $29 - $70 per mo


AdviceLocal is an agency focused, white labeled service for local search listings management. In addition to listings management they offer, presence management, voice search readiness, mobile services, store locators, and more.

Pricing: Call for quote

Review Management


As you already know, online reviews are an essential component of local search. Grade.us is the premier review management software for marketers and agency professionals (like yourself). Use Grade.us to boost and improve client review portfolios. Grade.us helps you to monitor customer feedback, amplify reviews, and so much more. Best of all, agencies can white label this service for clients.

I'm biased in saying so, but the Grade.us feature set is extensive and deep. They're offering a tremendous amount of features and must-have services most of their competitors aren't.

  • No “per location” pricing
  • Review funnel campaigns with email, social, SMS, and embedded reviews
  • Drip campaigns to encourage more customer reviews, automatically
  • Custom downloadable printed card templates
  • Wordpress plugin make site integration with schema markup easy
  • Deliver personalized, localized campaigns at any scale
  • Automated alerts enable you to track trends, changes, and major events
  • Their white-labeled solution enables agencies to monitor an unlimited amount of locations
  • Covers all major third-party review platforms/publishers
  • Comprehensive reporting across a wide variety of metrics

Lastly, what's outstanding about Grade.us is their single-minded focus on online review management.

Pricing: $180-$2500 per mo


ReviewPush is an introductory service that offers review management. They offer store-by-store rankings, multi-store review requests, email alerts and more. They're a viable alternative for small stores that are just getting started or looking for something with a lower price point.

Pricing: $10 - $99 per location/per mo


ReviewTrackers is a SaaS provider offering a large variety of online marketing tools including:

  • Review monitoring in response
  • Review widgets
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Social media marketing
  • Reputation management
  • Operational insights
  • Managed services and more

They provide a comprehensive level of service and management to small, medium and large brands. The services are detailed, broad and precise.

Pricing: Request the demo or start a free trial to learn more

Local SEO Tools


LocalFalcon offers a great visualization of performance within a 'grid view.' In essence, the tools lets you see how your business is ranking in different parts of a specific geographical location. This makes it easer for Local SEO practitioners to see how their tactics are impacting their client's organic traffic.

Pricing: $10-$500 based on usage


In order to perform well locally on Google, you need an optimized Google My Business listing. ThriveHive has put together this nifty little evaluation tool to use on your client's local businesses. See how they're doing in building a great profile that will rank in the local pack.

Pricing: Free


Ahrefs offers a suite of 18 SEO tools. Get access to 16 trillion backlinks, 7 billion keywords and 1 billion pieces of content. As far as competitors to Moz go, Ahref has a rich toolset and a comprehensive index.

Pricing: $99 - $999


Moz local distributes your local business listings across the search results as well as major data aggregators and online directories. As a result, search engines and new customers are able to able to find your business via a variety of sources - e.g. aggregate reviews, social media, local three packs and knowledge panels.

Pricing: $129 - $299 per year


AuthorityLabs offers an easy way to track and measure your performance for all of your keywords that you're targeting with your content. With the ability to zero in on a city or zip code, you can see how your local SEO tactics are improving your rankings across each keyword in SERPs on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Also measure how your business performs in the local pack.

Pricing: $49 - $450 per year

Local SEO Tools Runner Ups

Local Advertising


Facebook reach ads enables you to connect with customers who are near your store or location. You're able to connect with people across a variety of locations, languages, demographics, behaviors, interests and targeting options.

With reach you're able to:

  • Highlight specific promotions
  • Share your story with local customers
  • Provide customers with driving directions to your store/location
  • Send customers messages directly from your ads
  • Send customers directly to your website or blog for more information
  • Prompt customers to call now


While Google needs no introduction, the search behemoth has introduced a variety of specialized services for local businesses. Let's take a look.

1. Local services by Google. Here's how they describe their service - "Local Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your area, so you can keep your calendar full." Here's a handy guide on using Google's local service ads.

2. Local search ads. Here's how Google describes it - "Ads on Google can feature your business locations and lead users to call or visit your locations. When people search for nearby businesses on Google.com or Google Maps (for example, "coffee near me"), they may see local search ads that feature your business locations. Set up location extensions to show local search ads." Local search ads can appear on Google maps, Google search and a variety of other related services. Here's a webinar on getting results with local search ads.

Ad formats: Varies

Pricing: CPC, CPM, CPL


As of 2018, Yelp has more than 146 million users. Their users have written more than 171 million reviews. When it comes to reach, Yelp doesn't have the audience in Google or Facebook has. Don't let that fool you though, their users carry a considerable amount of clout when it comes to online and aggregate reviews.

Yelp ads are targeted towards two types of advertisers:

1. Local businesses with 1 to 9 locations

2. National or regional businesses with 10+ locations

According to their fact sheet, 82% of Yelp users visit intending to buy a product or service and 89% of those who buy do so within a week, according to Nielsen. Yelp ads give local businesses the chance to appear on yelp search and competitor business pages.

If you have a strong review profile/portfolio, this is a solid option to generate leads.


Waze is the largest community-based navigation app. It also helps that it's a Google owned property. Waze is fantastic for several distinct reasons. You're able to reach/advertise to nearby drivers in real time. You're also able to track ad/campaign performance in real-time. It's perfect for small mom-and-pops establishments and large established chains. Advertisers are able to start for as little as $2 per day.

Waze is perfect for product, food service and retail storefronts that are dependent on foot traffic and engaged in local audiences. Waze provides advertisers with hyper-local targeting by ZIP Code, geo-fence, location and more.

Ad formats: Branded pins, promoted search, zero speed takeovers

Local Advertising Runner Ups

Pricing: Starts at $2 per day

Local Advertising Runner Ups

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