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How Providentia Marketing Helps Home Care Agency Clients Grow Rapidly with

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Providentia Marketing

Providentia Marketing focuses on one thing; digital marketing for home care agencies. Jason Chagnon, founder and CEO, needed a way to help clients grow their businesses. They invested in, but they weren’t sure how their investment would turn out. 

To complicate things further, Providentia Marketing’s clients weren’t always sure what they needed.

The Challenge

Jason Chagnon - Providentia Marketing

When Providentia Marketing started, they operated as a traditional a la carte agency. Clients were able to pick and choose the services they needed for their business. 

This really wasn’t a fit. 

Jason realized the majority of their new clients (a.) weren’t seeing results from their existing marketing investments, (b.) weren’t sure what they needed, and (c.) needed help with everything. 

“Every call and every proposal we would do was, in a way, cobbling the services together and building websites and social media. We found our clients all need the same thing out of the gate. So we built a product around that need. 

Now, every sales call we have, we talk about our product and all of these different services that are included. Our goal with reputation management is that at least one location will be bundled into this overall package.”

Providentia Marketing’s clients arrive in a tough spot

“What we look for in a client is somebody that’s already got a digital marketing budget. They believe in it, but they’re just not getting the results. And so they usually come to us and say, we need to redo our website, or we need, we need somebody to help us with our social media. 

We turn that conversation around, and we’re like, that’s not going to fix your problem. If you have a pretty website that nobody ever sees, that’s not going to fix your problems.”

The investments they’ve made, the agencies they’ve worked with previously, the work done internally — all of it has failed to produce the results they need.  

“If [clients] are large enough, where they have like 8 or 10 locations and they have a marketing person, typically, they’ve used outside marketing. They’re not really doing much internally; they’re doing outside, but they just haven’t gotten results. So they’re looking for some more options.”

Immediately Providentia Marketing has an uphill battle. 

Clients need to see results in a format they can understand. That’s a problem because SEO usually takes time to mature. How can you generate quick wins for clients if they’re unable to see (or unwilling to wait for) the benefits of SEO?

The Solution

Providentia Marketing found reputation management and  Using the platform, they quickly found they could boost trust, provide quick wins, and achieve consistent results. 

“The core of what we do and what we talk about mostly is SEO, but SEO is like such a weird thing for us. We know exactly what it is and what it means in the results for clients, but they don’t understand that. 

So there’s not a lot of visible results for them when it comes to SEO. On the other hand, when you say review management, they’re going to have these positive reviews. There’s a visual for that.”

Jason and his team used to win on two fronts. 

“We wanted to implement a system for our clients to regularly ask for feedback from their clients and caregivers. We also wanted a way to display and promote those positive reviews on their websites.”

He explains how his team used the platform to solve both sets of problems. 

“ allowed us to set up a landing page and a simple review request process that we could implement for our clients. 

Because we work exclusively with senior home care companies, we have a unique need. Home care companies are always looking for new caregivers, and recruiting is hugely important to them. So they wanted reviews on Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. 

They also, of course, are always looking for new clients. So they wanted reviews on Google, Facebook,, and other industry-specific sites. We are able to help our clients with all of these with the platform.”

The potential for Providentia Marketing and its clients is huge. 

Providentia Marketing helps their clients attract new employees who are researching their company on job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. But they also help clients attract new customers via reviews on Google, Facebook,, and other industry-specific sites. 

Using, Providentia Marketing can: 

This sounds incredible. Are the results there? 

The Results

The Providentia Marketing + solution produced immediate client gains. 

Audra Iler-Bidwell, a Providentia Marketing client, had this to say: 

“In 2018, we started making the “request for review” a key business objective and made it a part of our quality assurance program. We knew that having the voice of our clients present on our website would be impactful. Up to that point, we had collected reviews using another tool, so we got the benefit of hearing what our clients had to say internally, but they weren’t being published publicly. Reviews on places like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and were virtually nonexistent, and we knew that was a missed opportunity.”

home instead landing page

“From 2018 to 2019, our business experienced a 27% increase in growth. From 2019 to 2020, we saw that number grow to 36%. It was during the 2019-2020 growth that we started hearing from prospective clients and employees that they decided to call us or chose to apply for a job with us because we had the best reviews.”

And they’re off to a great start in 2021.

review report

“Asking for a review has been a tremendously valuable step in our quality program. Having made the process super simple and painless for our clients and employees to use. The widgets and automation allowed us to collect reviews from our email signatures and on our website.” 

These results are worth celebrating… unless it’s a fluke. 

Family Resource Home Care, another client, achieved incredible results in their review management campaigns as well. Initially, they were getting some reviews but weren’t seeing the type of success they would expect when they were proactively trying to earn new reviews. 

That all changed once they put a system in place, the reviews skyrocketed.

Using Providentia moved the needle to a total of 695 reviews diversified across Facebook,, Glassdoor, and Google as of today. They’ve seen a 25% increase in review quantity, and the quality is there — the vast majority of these reviews are 5-star reviews.  

frhc report

And you better believe that they’re proud to share their amazing reviews right on their website with the review stream.

frhc reviews page

Jason agrees with his clients: 

“Our clients see the results of getting more positive reviews online. It is a very visible outcome for them because they see the reviews coming in, and they see those on their websites. This process has helped us as an agency demonstrate the results we get for the clients. It also shows we are home care industry marketing experts because we are teaching our clients a system that works for recruiting caregivers and getting new clients.”

What about the qualitative results? as a platform would hardly be worth it if clients felt the experience was a nightmare. Are the qualitative results there? 

“The discovery that surprised me the most was the support. I felt pretty confident going in that the software would do what it claimed. However, I also knew we would have questions for support periodically, and I expected slow or impersonal responses. But the responses have been fast, friendly, and personal. This has made me much more confident in the support team, and as a result, I am much more motivated to put ALL of our clients on”

What does this mean for Providentia Marketing? 

Their clients receive the results and the A to Z support they need to grow their senior care business. Providentia Marketing produces amazing results, drawing more clients to their agency over time. With, Providentia Marketing and their clients have a stable platform they can use to safeguard and improve their client’s reputation; more traffic, leads, and revenue over time. 

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