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Video Marketing in 2018: The Best Blogs, Articles, Tools, and Resources

Video marketing is on your radar, you just need to get better at it. Video marketing resources to the rescue: here's this year's latest and greatest. Read More...
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Video marketing has become a major trend in 2018.

There's this spectrum of beliefs about video marketing. On one end, we have the people who say video is everything, and in one, two, three, or ten years we will never read another word ever again. On the other end, there's folks who go, "ugh, are we talking about video again?"

As a devoted reader who goes searching for the transcripts if they got 'em, cause I can consume those faster than I can watch any video, I'm definitely no evangelist for the all video, all-the-time end of the spectrum. But there's also no doubt in my mind adding video to any marketing campaign makes it better and stronger.

Especially if you're pursuing influencer marketing or upping you content marketing game, videos are essential.

I don't know where you are, but as long as you aren't all the way over on that "ugh" side of the spectrum, I imagine video marketing is somewhere on your radar. Now you just need to get better at it (or start doing it at all). Resources to the rescue: here's this year's latest and greatest.

The Best Video Marketing Blogs

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1. Yum Yum Videos

A bold, fun design. Lots and lots of actionable, how-to style content. What's not to like?

2. Wistia

Another blog with a lot of outstanding actionable content. You'll find information on how to make, use, and promote your videos.

3. Thoughtcast Media

Jam packed with usefulness on every level. They cover some logistical topics that are a nice relief from the norm. They offer templates. And while everyone talks about "storytelling" in content marketing, when this blog decides to do a case study they do just that.

4. Story Me

It's ironic. Many blogs about video marketing don't have much video in their posts. This one has videos, plural, embedded in just about every post. Expert interviews and insights from conferences offers a break from standard fare.

The Best Video Marketing Articles

Awesome articles you won't want to miss.

Can Opt-in Video Marketing Really Work? - Making videos is half the battle. Getting people to watch them is the other half. Some marketers are trying to bribe their audience into it, but is that a good idea? Weigh the pros and cons here.

Video Isn't Just Video - An in-depth exploration of the types of videos, how they're used, and the platforms they're used on. A reminder a video marketing strategy could require a multi-pronged approach.

Video Marketing Ideas: 9 Ways to Promote Video Content - I know this is going to come as a shock. But it doesn't matter how good your video is if nobody sees it. Make sure you avoid that pesky problem by following the tips in this article.

15 Easy Tips for Writing Video Marketing Scripts - Impressed me by having some stuff to say I hadn't heard before, making it into my personal reference file. It's aimed at people who don't write scripts on the regular. I do, and I still thought it rocked.

20 Pre-Production Tips to Create Successful Video Content - If you tend to skip pre-production tasks you're not alone. This in-depth article walks you through every task you need to complete before you start filming. After you read it, you won't ever want to skip this step again.

8 Videos You Can Generate From 1 Interview with Your CEO - A nice way to generate some fresh new video content.

Video Experts Share Their Greatest B2B Video Production Advice - It's like an FAQ written by some of the best and the brightest in video marketing.

The Best Video Marketing Tools

These tools will help you make some fantastic videos.

nFusz - Allows you to create interactive videos full of CTA links. Customers can literally buy your product or schedule an appointment with you as they watch the video. It comes with some other neat features, too, like a video CRM platform.

Wistia - This video hosting service offers some neat tools, such as an embedding tool that lets you put videos directly onto your website without posting them to and from You Tube. Also offers some good countermeasures against video content theft.

Wideo - Want to market your business with animated videos? You don't have to hire a professional animator. You can just turn to Wideo.

Filmora - An easy-to-use video editing tool that lets you attack both your audio and your visuals. You can add titles, effects, overlays and other special effects, too.

VideoScribe - Are you in love with those animated explainer videos? You don't have to hire an animator. They have a huge library of images you can use. You can upload your own, too, but you may not find it necessary. Add some music and a voiceover and you're good to go.

Video Marketing Experts

Follow these folks to stay on top of the latest and greatest.

David Murdico - He's the Creative Director and Managing Partner of Supercool Creative Agency, an agency which specializes in video marketing services. He's helped brands like Capcom, T-Mobile, and Pizza Hut design and launch their video campaigns. His Twitter feed is full of (relevant) funny memes, awesome articles, and, of course, videos you'll want to see.

Tyler Lessard - The CMO at Vidyard, which serves both as a video hosting company and as a platform for businesses to use videos to close deals. Consistently posts great video marketing content on Twitter. You can follow him at @tylerlessard.

James Wedmore - Looking for video strategies that kick butt? That's what James is all about. He's the founder of the Video Traffic Academy, a YouTube marketing course which has served over 10,000 small business owners. Follow him at @jameswedmore.

Krishna De - Krishna is a live video strategist, educator, and keynote speaker. Her Twitter feed is absolutely jam packed with plenty of relevant video marketing advice. Follow her at @krishnade.

Other Excellent Video Marketing Resources

When you've got the time and energy to go really in depth, go here.

The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing - A 43 minute read, this massive guide from Hubspot at least touches on literally everything anyone would want to know about video.

The Complete Guide to Video Marketing - An on-site ebook which offers 7 chapters on building a video marketing strategy. Takes you from storytelling, to distribution, to ROI.

Video Marketing Trends of 2018 - This book takes you beyond basic video marketing to talk about things like augmented reality, virtual reality, and 360 degree video. It also discusses marketing your video on social channels with an eye towards gaining user-generated video content.

Envato's Video Marketing Guide 2019 - A 10-chapter guide which covers the key steps to video marketing success, from setting objectives to measuring performance. It also features video trends and Q&As with industry experts such as Wistia and YouTube tutorial pros SonduckFilm.

Do you live and breathe for video marketing? Did I miss a resource you'd recommend?

Please let us know in the comments below!

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