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How WiFi Marketing Can Boost Your Agency Service Offering

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If your marketing agency supports brick-and-mortar clients, adding WiFi marketing to your service offering will help their businesses generate more revenue and lead to broader engagement opportunities with new and existing agency clients.

In this article, we’ll go over all the ways that managed guest WiFi service can help you and your clients, and we’ll explore how your agency can monetize the addition of WiFi marketing and use it as a springboard for incredible growth.

Strengthen Your Service Offering with WiFi Marketing

Implementing managed guest WiFi is the best way for agencies with brick-and-mortar clients to collect the customer intelligence needed to execute marketing initiatives. Customer contact data, profile data, and visitor metrics can help agencies optimize every form of customer outreach to address any marketing goal.

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All the marketing activities your agency is doing now, and those you’d like to be doing, are made more effective when WiFi marketing is added to the mix, as explained in this list:

  • Email marketing—The “king” of customer engagement, email marketing, is only possible if you have customer contact information. Managed guest WiFi makes it incredibly easy to collect that information.
  • Loyalty marketing—Profile data and WiFi analytics make it easy for business owners to cultivate customer loyalty using timely communication.
  • Digital advertising—Details about a customer's behavior, like the time since their last visit, for example, can help agencies create highly targeted ad campaigns. WiFi analytics provides that sort of insight.
  • Social media marketing—Managed guest WiFi makes it easy to collect all sorts of contact information, including users' social media info, which opens a highly effective channel for future outreach.
  • Reputation management—The moment a client's patrons log off the guest WiFi network is the perfect time to solicit a review. Brick-and-mortar businesses need great reviews, and WiFi marketing is a proven way to get customers to post positive reviews. It also makes it easier to steer dissatisfied customers to your client's feedback page so you can avoid negative reviews.

WiFi marketing not only enhances all these common agency activities, but it also makes it easier to automate them. Services and software can facilitate each of these marketing goals and you can integrate such systems with your client’s marketing stack. You could push data gathered via guest WiFi into your client’s Grade.us review funnel, for example, creating automation triggers that sync with your campaign messages delivery schedule.

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The impact of WiFi marketing tends to branch out to other aspects of an agency’s business. The flood of customer contact info alone often allows agencies to conduct outreach on a scale that was not possible before and enables the addition of more lucrative services.

Help Clients See the Benefits of Managed Guest WiFi Marketing Service

Implementing managed guest WiFi for your brick-and-mortar clients has positive results for all three parties involved:

  1. Your client’s patrons get free internet access.
  2. Your clients reap the benefits of vastly improved marketing initiatives.
  3. Your agency can optimize and automate all its marketing campaigns, selling more to new and existing clients because of provable campaign success.

Your agency’s clients will only care about Number 2 on that list. It’s important to position WiFi marketing service as an enabling service, without which, campaign effectiveness would be greatly diminished.

When you’re selling a client your email marketing or social media marketing service, for example, you should explain that implementing a managed guest WiFi network is a crucial part of the offering. Unlike eCommerce businesses, brick-and-mortars have a hard time collecting customer contact information. In on-premises interactions, there’s usually not a natural way to request contact info, but gathering the information as part of the guest WiFi login process is easy.

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Elaborate on the role that supporting WiFi marketing plays by explaining to clients how visitor metrics can yield valuable insights into customer behavior. Stress that those insights can be used to create more effective customer communications. By studying who connects to a client’s guest WiFi, you can obtain a list of qualified customers and prospects, which is crucial for all marketing outreach. You can segment the customer database to target people based on specific campaign goals.

A secondary selling point is the fact that your client will be able to offer guests free internet access in a secure way that limits usage and minimizes liability.

Many business owners will respond favorably to the idea of WiFi marketing if you walk them through the process, explaining it in the context of their business niche. In the next section, there’s a summary of how WiFi marketing works in restaurants; it could be applied to any brick-and-mortar business.

Manage Your Clients' Guest WiFi Service to Drive Campaign Success

For brick-and-mortar business owners, the customer relationship tends to change over time, a fact that necessitates flexible marketing that can pivot to optimize outreach. Prospects should see specialized messages designed to attract interest; first-time customers respond well to exclusive discount offers; regular customers are prime targets for loyalty marketing. WiFi marketing allows agencies to segment their client’s customer base easily and reach out in ways that maximize conversion.

Let’s look at an example.

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If your client is the owner of a restaurant that just opened, engaging new customers will be the top priority, as that’s the best way to increase repeat visits. First-timers will see a branded splash screen that prompts them to log in using social media, email, or SMS. Willing to provide this information in exchange for WiFi access, the customer enters the requested details and enjoys the rest of their visit.

The next day, you can send a “thank you” message that presents a discount offer for the patron’s next visit. Rinse and repeat as the client’s customer database grows.

Time passes; the restaurant has tripled its customer base, and loyalty marketing is in full swing. For returning customers, identified as such by WiFi analytics, the WiFi login screen included messages that are tailored to encourage loyalty program opt-ins. 

The dynamic approach that WiFi marketing enables can be applied to any brick-and-mortar business, and there’s just as much flexibility in the ways your agency can monetize WiFi marketing.

We’ve described WiFi marketing as an enabling service that you can include as a crucial subcomponent of your other services. With that in mind, however, there are two levels of WiFi marketing service you can offer:

  • DFY—A "Done for You" offering has your agency setting up the WiFi marketing platform and controlling campaign execution. This approach can trigger endless opportunities to grow your engagement with the client.
  • DIY—A DIY option involves the client interacting directly with the platform to run their own campaigns, and, for agencies, it's a great approach for volume business. It requires a negligible amount of configuration and management but allows you to offer a white-label WiFi marketing platform to your clients.

Marketing automation will play a major role when you execute the DFY model, and you can help your DIY customers succeed by making sure they take advantage of automation as well. Automation is greatly simplified when it’s driven by the data collected via a managed WiFi network. Guest data feeds directly into a 3rd party CRM, email processing applications, and other popular marketing stack components, allowing anyone who’s running the campaign to define triggers to facilitate the timely delivery of tailored customer outreach.

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Leverage the Power of WiFi Marketing

By adding WiFi marketing to your service offering, your agency can make campaign success a predictable outcome, create new opportunities for broader engagements with existing clients, and build a track record that will attract new clients.

Tailoring messages to a brick-and-mortar business’s patrons requires the specialized customer intel that WiFi marketing provides. We hope this article compels you to put managed guest WiFi service to work for your agency.

Offering a white label WiFi marketing solution can be an impressive demonstration of how your company uses technology to engage customers. We integrate with MyWiFi Networks, a leading white label WiFi marketing platform that makes it easy for agencies to master this modern and versatile approach to customer engagement.

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