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8 Cold Pitch Email Templates For Local Marketing Services

Cold pitch email templates work for small businesses that need local marketing. These 8 templates will help start the conversation with prospects. Read More...
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Do cold pitch email templates work, specifically for small businesses that need local marketing?

The cold pitch still has value.

It doesn't always seem that way due to the amount of spam each of us receives on a daily basis. But there are simple strategies you can use to identify cold leads ahead of time.

Is cold pitching a viable strategy today?

Absolutely, but it's important to approach this in the right way. I'm sure you know why it's important, but I'll spell it out for clarity's sake. You don't want to be perceived as a spammer.

Small business objections or lack of awareness?

Small business owners have to juggle so many areas of their company just to have a smooth running ship. Many are trying to do too much and either DIY their marketing without proper education or they delegate to someone completely unqualified.

For some small business owners, their budget for marketing (or lack thereof) will play a role in how receptive they are to your pitch. For others, their time is scarce and invaluable.

Not all business owners are going to want to hear that your marketing plan is going to take time to see results. You’re going to need to show them a combination of quick wins, but also the bigger picture. It’s going to be a combination of educating them on the value of local marketing and highlighting how it will impact their business financially.

Once you get the chance to pitch a lead, after that introductory phone call, you’ll be able to read your prospect and speak to what will resonate with them for their business. That cold pitch email needs to get you that first conversation.

Why use cold pitch emails to win small business clients?

Cold emails, when they're handled appropriately, can still produce incredible value for local marketing agencies.

A cold approach is viable when it has all the right ingredients (which I've previously discussed). Here's a brief recap.

1. A strong value proposition. This is a promise, a compelling reason why clients should choose to work with you instead of a competitor. Your value proposition, at its core, is about uniqueness. The biggest, single most compelling reason the prospect has to work with you. They need to understand the value of the investment. How are your services going to make them money (more efficiently than their efforts or lack of efforts) and where can it save them time to focus on other aspects of their business?

2. An irresistible offer. These offers are all about reducing/eliminating risk. You want to assume all or most of the risk clients take on when they work with you (e.g. discounts, special offers, introductory offers, etc.).

3. Urgency triggers. These are motivators, reasons for potential clients to act now. Urgency triggers or facilitators of action. They motivate prospects to take action on your irresistible offer today, now. Loss aversion timers, bonuses, vanishing reports, and limited client slots are all effective urgency triggers.

4. Social proof signals. Your prospects will be immediately suspicious. That's an inherent part of the cold pitch process. Prospective clients don't know you. They don't know that you're honest and aboveboard. We certainly won't take your word for it either. Social proof (e.g. public reviews, third-party testimonials, influencer feedback, etc.) builds trust quickly.

5. Risk reversals. Yet another risk reversal mechanism that transfers some or all of the risk of a transaction from the buyer to the seller (you). Risk reversals are uncomfortable for many sellers because it feels, on some level, as if you're losing.

If you'd like to increase your odds of success dramatically you need these five ingredients ahead of time.

But why?

Why use cold emails to pitch your services? There are a variety of reasons why local marketing firms would use cold pitch email templates.

  • You’re just starting out and your ad/marketing budget is low
  • You’re looking to go after larger, more established prospects, but you don’t have a way in
  • You’re a freelance marketer but you don’t have an established website
  • You need to identify your prospect’s needs before you increase your ad spend

There are a variety of reasons.

Do you know what to say in your cold emails?

Here are a few templates that you can use to pitch your local marketing services.

I'm going to assemble the ingredients I mentioned earlier into a pitch. I'll provide you with a few different templates you can use as entry points, but these templates should be used as a framework, a starting point.

The essential component to understand when using these templates, they need to be personalized.

First off, you only have enough time yourself, to take on a certain amount of clients. Be aware of your own time limitations. If you spend the time to invest in your prospecting, do the research, and really drill down into how you can help your potential client, you’re going to be that much more effective in closing the deal.

Remember also that finding the appropriate person and email to pitch is a big part of the battle. Writing an email directly to the owner of the business or for larger organizations, a business development executive, is going to be more effective than sending the pitch over to their general support email address.

Email finder services like VoilaNorbert and Hunter are going to be invaluable in that process.

Let's dive in.

Cold Pitch Email Template #1 - Review Management

Business owners, your clients, need you to pitch them.

Your clients are under an enormous amount of pressure to produce results. They're aware of the results they need, but they're not sure how to get there. Most clients have a rudimentary understanding of online reviews.

They know they're powerful.

Most of them aren't sure about the huge potential impact a stellar review portfolio can have on their business.

Here's a pitch you can use for review management services.

Subject: [Prospect Name], do you want [x]% more leads in [30/60/90 - x amount] days?

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

I've got some bad news. I've noticed a [x]% increase in negative reviews on your profiles. You might have noticed this too. [#] unhappy customers are posting more one and two-star reviews.

Here's an easy (and free) way to fix that.

A review performance and trend report. In [x] minutes, I'll outline your competitor's strategy vs. yours, and how to beat them. I'll do this free.


I have [x] slots left, schedule your free report and review here [Calendar appointment link].

[Your Name | Full Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #2 - Review Management

What if they simply want help to deal with their lack of/negative reviews? Here's a template you can use to accomplish that as well.

Subject: [x] people voted for this negative review of your business

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

I've got some bad news.

A reviewer named [Reviewer Name] posted this negative review about your business [Link to negative review]. There's a total of [x] one and two-star reviews.

The good news? I can show you how to turn these negative reviews into positive reviews yourself. This would bring in an extra [x]% more business for you.

My name is [Your Name], I'm the co-founder of [Agency]. My agency only takes on [x] clients at a time. I have [x] slots left.


[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #3 - Quiz Based Local SEO Pitch

Small business clients don't understand the interplay between local search, paid and organic search, content marketing and social media. These cold emails give you the tools and resources you need to attract the kind of clients you want.

Use a tool like Typeform Quizzes or even a free tool like Google Forms to generate a quiz. Adding a quiz will also add an interactive element that draws a prospect out and resonates with them.

That will allow you to qualify your prospects, educate them, learn how much they already know about local marketing, and prime them for what you'll be able to offer in the next conversation.

Subject: [Prospect Name], [Competitor] wants to push you out of Google

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

[Competitor], they're making a play to push you out of the search results. In the last 30 days, your rankings have dropped by [x]%. If things continue at this pace you'll lose a projected [x]% of your traffic.

This free [quiz] shows you how to counter their progress.

It also comes with a free checklist you can use. It shows you how to use content, local search, social media and Google My Business to improve your rankings rapidly in 30 - 45 days. Won't cost you a dime.

Are you interested?

[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #4 - Quizzed Based Local SEO Pitch (Alternate)

Here's an alternate template you can use to snag their attention.

Subject: [Prospect Name], [Competitor] wants to push your biz out of Google

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

[Competitor], they're trying to bury your [website/brand] so you aren't as visible for your keywords. They're making a play to push you out of the search results. If things continue at this pace you'll lose a projected [x]% of your traffic.

This free [quiz] shows you exactly what they're doing.

I also include a free checklist you can use to counteract the changes that they're making in 45 days or less. Won't cost you a penny.

May I send you the quiz?

[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #5 - Audit Based Local SEO Pitch

Local SEO can be an easier sell if you know where to look and how to make your approach. In this case, you'd be using an SEO audit to offer all of your services, but frame it in the context of content and visibility.

Use a trimmed down version of this 45 minute SEO audit process to produce something of value for these prospects. These cold emails give you the "in" you need to pitch and sell your SEO and content marketing successfully.

Subject: Want to take more business away from [Competitor]?

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

[Competitor] is looking to take business away from you. They've produced [x]% more content than you in the last [x] days. As a result, Google is sending you [x]% less traffic.

You can fix this, it won't cost you a penny.

This free audit will give you the information you need to make these changes on your own. It's fast, easy and free.

You can get your free audit [here].

[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #6 - Checklist Based Content Marketing Pitch

Here's a template you can use to pitch local content marketing services. The idea here is to educate the customer on how their blog content should drive business, but if it's not showing up in search results, it's not as valuable.

You're showing them what they can do to improve the SEO, but then planting the seed for how your agency will be able to do it for them and generate results, once you get the face to face pitch opportunity.

Subject: Want to take more business away from [Competitor]?

Body: Hi [Prospect Name],

My name is [Your Name], I'm the [title] of [Agency].

I recently read your article [headline]. It's a [fantastic] piece. I enjoyed it so much that I've shared it with several colleagues.

Here's the problem. Your amazing work is not showing up when people search for something similar to it on google, and they’re not finding your business as a result.

I've got this free [checklist]. It shows you how to rank for these types of articles pretty consistently.

Can I send it to you? It won't cost you a penny.

Let me know,

[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #7 - Web Design and Development Services Pitch

Web design and development is a complex service. It's also incredibly difficult to pitch cold. It's easier to pitch at lower price points (say $500 - $2,500). It's still doable at the $10,000 to $50,000 level, but more difficult, and much harder at $50,000+.

For most small businesses, your portfolio is going to be a key driver of winning the business, but if you're able to educate the business on the type of value their website is intended to deliver (traffic, leads, appointments and sales), then you'll differentiated yourself from the typical marketing agency.

The key is showing concrete examples of how you will be able to improve their business. There are number of components you can focus on:

  • Simple copy changes
  • contact forms adjustments
  • product/service pages adjustments
  • about us pages
  • full redesigns
  • FAQ pages
  • links to review site listings or social media profiles

Here's a template you can customize.

Subject: [Prospect Name], these 5 website hacks will boost your revenue

Body: [Competitor] made some significant changes to their website recently. According to Nacho Analytics, they're converting [x]% more traffic.

Traffic you should be getting.

Here are 5 changes I would make to your website and how I believe they would impact your sales:

[Modification 1] | [Predicted Result 1]

[Modification 2] | [Predicted Result 2]

[Modification 3] | [Predicted Result 3]

[Modification 4] | [Predicted Result 4]

[Modification 5] | [Predicted Result 5]

You're in full control here. My agency would be able to show you definitive results.

You'll be able to play with these website hacks, testing the effect it will have on your traffic.

What do you think?

[Your Name | Signature]

Cold Pitch Email Template #8 - Social Media management Services Pitch

Social media monitoring and management services can be an easy sell if you're able to show prospective clients that the demand for their services is there. Here's how you show clients.

Subject: [Prospect Name], These clients are looking for your help

Body:  Hi [Prospect Name],

Last week there were [x] prospects in your area who were looking for your [product or service].

They were searching for you on [social network].

I'd like to help them find you (free of charge).

I'm offering this free social media [checklist] to you. It gives you the tools you need to convert [x]% more customers month-over-month. [Client], a client of ours, boosted [metric (engagement/followers/shares)] by [x]%.

Are you interested?

[Your Name | Signature]

These cold emails are the starting point of a great pitch. Use them to pitch, sell and promote your marketing services. Take the time to customize these templates for your audience, agency level and approach.

You can win clients over with a cold pitch

Is cold pitching a viable strategy today?

Absolutely, but it's important to approach this in the right way. You know why it's important, you don't want to be perceived as a spammer. Cold emails, when they're handled appropriately, can still produce incredible value for local marketing agencies.

Use the right ingredients.

Create a strong value proposition, irresistible offer and urgency triggers. Use social proof and risk reversals as defusers and you increase your odds of success dramatically. Do it consistently and you'll discover the obvious.

Your cold pitch has value.

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