How the Best Marketing Agencies Use ORM To Boost Client Conversion Rates

More traffic or more conversions? Which one is more valuable to your agency clients? The best marketing agencies know the answer. Read More...
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More traffic or more conversions?  Which one is more valuable to your agency clients? The best marketing agencies know the answer. In fact, any agency worth their salt knows the answer to this question.

It's conversions.

Customers produce the revenue (and profit) your clients need. If they're unable to convert their traffic, it's worthless, right?

Agency services are lopsided

I know, I know, traffic and conversions are both important. Your business needs both to survive, you're absolutely right. Conversions are still more important though. Why?

· Traffic without conversion is worthless.

· Conversions without traffic is impossible.

If you have a conversion you have traffic. Customers have to be aware of your offer before they're able to act on it. Which is exactly why agency services are lopsided.

How do I know? tells us. Clutch is an agency aggregator service. They rate and review 7,000+ agencies in the business, marketing and IT service space.

They created a list.

The Clutch Global Leaders 2019: Top 560 Companies by Industry. This is a list of the best marketing agencies, sorted by focus areas.

These agencies are amazing.

Their quality of work is A+. When you look at their work, their portfolios, case studies and campaigns it's clear they know their stuff.

But most of these agencies are lopsided.

They're focused on specific and generic service areas. Creative, development and marketing work. These services are important and necessary.

But they're missing something.

Most of the best marketing agencies are missing online review management (ORM)

Of the 475+ agencies in Clutch's list, only 11 listed reputation or review management services.

This is sobering. Your client's reputation will either boost or bury their organization. Hardly the kind of thing to ignore.

Sounds a bit over the top, doesn't it?

Of course I'm going to suggest that reviews matter! is in the review management business. Doesn't that mean this is a biased post?


But this bias is based on cold, hard data. I've covered it before but it's worth repeating here.

· Fully 82 percent of customers read reviews before making a purchase

· 88 percent of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations

· Reviews can increase your client's conversion rates by 270 percent

· Four negative (aggregate) results in Google means clients lose 69.9 percent of customers

You already knew that, didn't you?

Reviews are an intrinsic part of the conversion process. Customers look for validation before making a purchase. Online review management (ORM) gives agencies an immediate "in" with clients.


If you're an agency, you can use ORM to immediately increase your client's conversion rates. You're able to give inject more revenue into their business directly, without increasing their ad spend.

This is huge.

What's better, you're able to calculate your client's projected return ahead of time.

Maybe marketing agencies don't get it?

Most simply aren't aware.

They haven't been educated on the value of ORM. Others are skeptical.

This makes sense.

What's in it for you, the agency? ORM is certainly good for your clients but that doesn't mean it's all that great for you. ORM needs to be profitable for you and your clients if it's going to work.

Oh, but it is.

ORM is a gateway service. It's a simple and straightforward way to get your agency's foot in the door.

It's like this.

1. Your client has a problem with their review profile. They have lots of negative reviews, no reviews or too many reviews in one place, etc. Then you show them the reality of their situation. Their review profile is hurting their business.

2. You give your prospects an introductory tool, guide or resource to solve that problem. You make the tool easy-to-use and simple-to-follow. You continue to help prospective clients with their review profile. You offer suggestions to increase their conversion rates, 2x their business, etc.

3. Clients realize it's too hard / time consuming. So you offer to help. You present client with an irresistible offer (e.g. I can bring in 200 additional customers each month. Results or refund. I can double your online bookings without increasing your ad spend, etc.)

4. You create real urgency. Your agency has limits. You can't take on each and every client you come across. You can't help everyone. So you use your limitations. You're looking for a specific kind of client, with a certain ad spend, etc. You give clients a real, truthful, but compelling reason to choose you. Now. Today.

5. You use customer objections to increase your work with clients. When customers complain about a portion of your website, you use that customer complaint to pitch more work. You pitch clients with another irresistible offer, you make a reasonable proposal. You use unhappy customers to build a real and lasting relationship with your clients.

See what I did there?

Here's an additional benefit to ORM. It's the glue that holds your other agency services together. ORM is consistent by nature. If your clients want to be successful, it's an ongoing effort.

This is wonderful news.

ORM keeps your agency employed and gives you a compelling reason to pitch more work.

· Your client's customers wrote negative reviews about their slow loading website? Share that review with decision makers, then offer to fix it.

· Notice your client's PPC ads are underperforming? Send them a guide outlining how they can add reviews to their ads.

· Maybe your client's local listings aren't ranking well? Recommend a few changes to their listings to boost click-throughs and conversions.

It's a profit center the best marketing agencies in the world aren't using. It's a profitable service on its own, but ORM is even more compelling when you realize it leads to more agency revenue.

Why aren't more agencies offering ORM?

It's difficult to be sure.

Some agencies aren't convinced about the value of ORM. Many aren't sure how to pitch, produce or price the work. Others aren't even aware that it's something they can provide.

Most aren't sure where to start.

They're honest, hard-working professionals who simply aren't sure they have the skills and abilities needed to make ORM work.

But it can work.

With the right tools, an amazing platform, and comprehensive training ORM can be the gateway service your agency needs.

Most agencies are lopsided, yours doesn't have to be

Traffic and conversions are both important.

Your online reputation, via online reviews, wins customers and sales. Online review marketing is the single most effective bit of marketing you can do for your clients.

Traffic without conversion is worthless. Conversions without traffic is impossible.

Reviews are an intrinsic part of the conversion process. They're the objective validators your client's customers need to make their purchase. ORM gives agencies an immediate "in" with clients. It gives your clients the conversion lift they desperately need.

Marketing agencies are lopsided without ORM.

ORM is a simple and straightforward way to get your agency's foot in the door. But it's an even better way to pitch and win more work.

Lead with ORM and you'll routinely attract all the client work and revenue your agency needs.

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