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17 Insanely Funny Yelp Reviews

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Yelpers can be tough, but they also have an amazing sense of humor.

Their funny Yelp reviews are a wonderful source of information that shows you how to improve your business for the better. These reviews are great because they’re hilarious, clever, and still packed with helpful tidbits you can use to improve your business.

Here’s a lighthearted look at a incredibly funny Yelp reviews.  

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Funny Restaurant Yelp Reviews

1. Poetic Flair

Kung Fu Noodle has wonderful food and eccentric fans. This restaurant is so popular this customer decided to create his own song/review sung to Kung Fu Fighting.

vin t restaurant review yelp

I chuckled when I first saw this.

But I also realized that Vin T, the reviewer, is actually a review savant. He’s included incredible details about the restaurant’s menu and service (e.g., the xiaolong is a bit unexcite-ing, there’s just too much MSG).

It’s creative reviewing at its finest.

2. Luxurious waistline

What about Larry H.? He can’t seem to pull himself away from Botto Bistro Italian Restaurant.

larry h restaurant review yelp

He’s so addicted to their food that he can’t seem to say no. That sounds like an endorsement to me.

3. A love story

Then there’s Michael T., who admitted that he lusted after Minato Sushi’s food.

michael t restaurant review yelp

It’s a love story that begins with lust, progresses to love, and concludes with a hopeful breakup. His amusing review reads as if he’s willing to give the relationship a second chance (lol). 

4. Punny prose

Finally, Fox E., an aspiring Yelp emcee, decided to share his thoughts on Pinocchio’s Pizza in Cambridge.

fox e restaurant review yelp

Each of these reviewers showed an incredible amount of talent.

Their reviews were fair; they were eager, engaged, and willing to provide customers with legitimate and helpful information. The fact that these were funny was a wonderful bonus.

Funny Lawyer Yelp Reviews

5. Clean "rest stop"

Samuel G thought it would be a good idea to do a tongue-in-cheek review of big law firms in his area.

samuel g lawyer review yelp

6. Granola bar buffet, looks like a break room

Samuel did the same thing to BigLaw firm Sullivan and Cromwell LLP.

sammuel g lawyer review yelp

He treats these international law firms as though they’re local shops in his neighborhood. He loads up on snacks from the cafeteria or snack cart and makes himself right at home. BigLaw typically isn’t represented on mainstream review platforms like Yelp, so it’s hilarious to see these reviews.

Funny Doctor Yelp Reviews

7. Fantastic butt-side manner

Jeffrey G. shared his review on anal fissures (you read that right). 

His review reads like you’re candid advice from your best friend as he’s sharing his experience.

jeffrey g healthcare review yelp

His review is great for several reasons.

All of the hidden objections that come with getting an embarrassing procedure done — having someone you don’t know inspect your nether regions, the pain, and discomfort, the insecurity, it’s all relieved by a doctor who has “great butt-side manner.” 

8. Boss dentist is an OG

What about teeth? 

Eboni F. gets right to the point in her review. 

eboni f healthcare review yelp

Like every good review, she includes helpful information and entertainment. She even shares photos of her teeth after her procedure is finished.

Funny Home Services Yelp Reviews

9. Wasp devils be damned

At first, Steven’s review reads like an aggressive infomercial.

steven r home services review yelp

His review is absolutely hilarious. 

You can tell there’s no love lost between Steven and the wasps at his house. There’s lots of specificity in his review as if he believes these wasps are intentionally trying to ruin his BBQs.

What makes this better is the fact that he shares specific details, photos, and content to validate his experience. This makes his story all the more entertaining.

Funny Wedding Yelp Reviews

10. Anything but this!

Nick S. shared his experience with The Knot on Yelp.

nick s wedding review yelp

It doesn’t seem like his experience is intended to be funny, but it’s hilarious all the same. The hyperbolic language would be over the top, even if his experience were a positive one.

Funny Car Dealer Yelp Reviews

11. The magical Tesla

Teslas are magical. 

Michael T. walked into a Tesla store and walked out a believer.

michael t car dealer review yelp

He used passionate and imaginative language (e.g., Teslas are magical creatures and obviously take magical creatures to repair them, Willy Wonka’s workshop). It’s endearing to see how passionate he becomes as his visit progresses.

Funny Hotel Yelp Reviews

12. Savage burn

If you’re running the hotel in question, this negative review may sting slightly more than usual.

hotel review yelp

This reviewer leads with “this hotel is as welcoming as a neck and shoulder rub from Bill Cosby.” It’s an absolutely savage introduction that continues with more pop culture references. This reviewer manages to include the Chipmunks, Fabio, and incredibly detailed feedback. 

13 - 14. The Cincinnati Fart

Tom Segura, or rather his wife, Christina Pazitsky, shared the story of her legendary fart in a hotel room while traveling. Now, a large segment of their fan-base travels to the very same hotel to pay homage to her intestinal distress.

hotel review yelp 2

What’s phenomenal about these reviews is the fact that they include honest and helpful feedback about the establishment in question. It’s hilarious that these two comedians have started a trend where adults travel to a hotel for the sole purpose of honoring flatulence, lol.

15. If you like getting robbed, this is the place...

Laura M. uses humor to cope with a horrifying experience.

yelp hotel review

No one enjoys these things, of course.

But she shares the specifics of a horrifying visit to this hotel in a humorous yet candid way. She admonishes readers to avoid this business, but she spends the previous paragraphs explaining why.

Funny Salon Yelp Reviews

16. A true professional blow dries your crotch

This review is a 2018 classic from a local barbershop, The Mane Barber Shop.

salon review yelp

This customer accidentally gassed his barber, but his barber went along with it, doing what he could to protect his customer’s dignity. Barbers are probably used to gassy patrons, but it’s still probably pretty embarrassing for customers.

Until you decide to get a pedicure.

17. Until you decide to get a pedicure from the little shop of horrors

I laughed until my sides hurt after reading Vin’s review; he shared his first pedicure experience, and he did not disappoint.

salon review yelp 2

I laughed even harder when I read his scorecard. 

He gave them four stars overall but one-star for all of the positive benefits he received but didn’t want, absolutely fantastic.

These funny Yelp reviews are hilarious, but they're also important

Yelpers can be tough. 

As we’ve seen, they have a great sense of humor. These customers are a wonderful resource of information for you and your customers. As a resource, they’ll provide you with the information you can use to improve your business. 

If you’re lucky, these customers will wrap their feedback in hilarious and clever packaging. They’ll use stories, poems, lyrics, and wordplay to get your attention. Use these reviews to help your business grow; roll with these funny reviews, and you may find you attract more customer attention than you originally anticipated. 

Laugh with your reviewers, and you’ll find they’re eager to laugh with you.