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How To Update Your Review Funnel and Review Request Emails with COVID-19 Sensitive Copy [Templates Included]

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Right now, every business is adapting. Some industries have been impacted more than others, but almost everyone with a local business has had their government require them to adjust their hours, their customer interaction, or shut down their locations altogether.

Most businesses are looking for ways to connect with their customers and offer their products and services online. For many companies, there are obvious solutions and for others you need to get creative.

When it comes to your reputation and review management, there are a variety of ways you can pivot your review request messaging to communicate with customers. You can creatively generate ways that they can help your business, other local businesses in your community, or your community at large. 

We’ve put together a selection of general templates for both your email review requests and your review funnel landing pages that will allow you to get the word out, help others, and support your own business. 

Please take your time looking through the various templates and feel free to pick and choose elements to include in your own review management campaigns and use to update your review funnel.

How to update your review funnel copy

Adding brand new copy to your review funnel is just a few clicks away. Once you have your copy loaded up, you’ll be ready to start sending out your review request email and text campaigns:

Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Message to All Visitors

change review funnel copy

Copy and paste in your new copy (the page will refresh and update automatically).

updated review funnel copy

Review Funnel Templates:

These review funnel templates are intended to be very simple copy and paste options for your business. 

The last mix and match messaging section allows you to communicate even more information or options to your customers.

Historically, we have always recommended focusing only on the one call to action of leaving a review. Many customers may want to get more information about your business or support you in other ways. Using your review funnel as another channel for communication can help your business and your customers.

We recommend considering using the review funnel however would benefit your company for the time being. That might mean highlighting gift cards, support other businesses, or providing updated hours of operation.

Short and sweet #1:

As you know, our business has been impacted by COVID-19. We care about you and our community, but right now we need your help.

Please take a moment to leave your feedback and help spread the word by reviewing our business.

Short and sweet #2:

We need your support, COVID-19 has forced us to adjust our business. We are doing our best to provide you with the same service that you’ve come to love.

Right now, your review can help us and our community.

Short and sweet #3:

Everyone has been affected by our current climate. While COVID-19 has changed everything, you still made it a point to support our business and we appreciate it.

Please take a moment to share your experience with a review and help us continue to serve you and our community.

Short and sweet #4:

[Your business] appreciates your support as we all find ourselves adjusting in this time of uncertainty.

If you could please take a moment and leave us a review, we’d sincerely appreciate the gesture.

Mix and match messaging:

Thank you for visiting [Your business]. Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to continue to provide you with the best possible experience in light of the current situation.

You can find the most up-to-date information about our hours of operation, availability, and services on our website here: [Link to your website]

We want to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know how you can help support us at this time, beyond leaving us a review:

• Purchase a [gift card/gift certificate/voucher] here:

[Link to purchase page]

• Support our local community by donating here:

[Link to local charity]

• Please support these other businesses who need your help: 

» Business Name and Website #1

» Business Name and Website #2

» Business Name and Website #3

Here’s an example of an updated review funnel using some of the mix and match messaging. As you can see, you can add your own links in the copy. For styling, you can always adjust the copy in a Google doc. When you copy and past, the editor will adopt that styling in most cases.

halo pub review funnel covid

Review Request Email Templates

When everything around us is changing, we believe that now is one of the best times to communicate with your customers. It might not make sense to send an email without acknowledging how everything is different right now. That’s why we’re providing a few review request email templates that tactfully address what your business might be going through.

That said, we highly recommend adjusting the templates to match the tone and messaging of your business or your client’s business.

Updating your email messaging is a simple process as well:

Step 1: Navigate to Dashboard > Review Requests > Email

updated email review request copy

Click on the body of the text, paste in your template, and click Save. Make sure to adjust the template where appropriate for your business and send a test email.

paste email copy

Review Request Email Template #1:

Hi [[first_name]],

Thanks for choosing [[profile_name]]. Right now our business has gone through some changes, and we depend on support from customers like you.

Your feedback is more important than ever. Help us to navigate the adjustments thrust upon us by taking a moment to leave us a review. It would mean the world to us:

Review Us Now ( + [[profile_url]])

Or browse to [[profile_url]]. Thank you for your business and for supporting us in this challenging time!

Review Request Email Template #2:

Hi [[first_name]],

[[profile_name]] appreciates your business. We have had to make some tough sacrifices over the last few weeks, but we would not be who we are without your support.

I wanted to ask a favor of you.

Our business has been impacted by COVID-19 and every little bit helps. Would you please take a moment to leave feedback and let us know how we’re doing? We want to continue to be there for you and your review will make a difference. 

Review Us Now ( + [[profile_url]])

Or browse to [[profile_url]]. Thank you for your business and support!

Review Request Email Template #3:

Hi [[first_name]],

I’m reaching out because COVID-19 has required all of us to adapt. Since our [city/state/country] was impacted, we have been required to [only offer curbside/take our business online/whatever changes have been made].

I wanted to see if you could lend a hand. We are so thankful for your business at [[profile_name]]. If you could please take a moment to leave us a review, we’d be indebted. It helps us and it helps fellow customers. 

Review Us Now ( + [[profile_url]])

Or browse to [[profile_url]]. Thank you for everything you’ve done to support our business and your local community!

Review Request Email Template #4:

Hi [[first_name]],

The past few weeks have fundamentally changed how we do business at [[profile_name]]. We value your business and appreciate your support. 

Typically we would ask you to take a moment and leave us a review (and that still would mean the world to us), but we also wanted to update you with how we are adapting to the current situation.

All current and updated information about our business can be found on our website here: 

[Your website]

If you want to support us beyond the kind gesture of writing a review, we have set up a [gift card page / eCommerce store / referral program / COVID-19 action page] here:

[Your website purchase link

Your feedback does help us continue to support our community and improve our business. If you’d be so kind as to write a review, we would be incredibly grateful.

Review Us Now ( + [[profile_url]])

Or browse to [[profile_url]]. Thank you for your support!

When to switch your templates back?

Addressing your messaging is important right now. There’s no reason to stop your review request campaigns. Many industries are adjusting to this temporary situation, but we don’t know when various jurisdictions will relax their rules or guidance.

In the meantime, it’s okay to ask for the support of your customers beyond a review. When you provide them with a good experience, they’ll want to have your back in your moment of need. We all need to support each other right now.

Were these templates helpful? Let us know in the comments how you’re updating your review funnel copy to address the COVID-19 pandemic.