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Webinar: White Label Review Management Services For Your Agency

Webinar walkthrough of the Grade.us platform. See how your agency can offer review management to your clients by generating, monitoring and sharing reviews. Read More...
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When you're considering offering a brand new service at your agency, there are so many factors that you need to consider including pricing, onboarding, service offering, delivery, reporting, etc.

As a digital marketing agency that's already offering other services like web design, listings management, local SEO, advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and more, review management is a no-brainer.

Review management and marketing helps small businesses appear in the local pack on Google, appear on other review sites where potential customers frequent for evaluating which business or service they want to use, and provides that social proof that helps someone decide to solicit your client's business.

Knowing that earning a steady stream of positive reviews across a variety of general and industry-specific sites will help every other aspect of yours and your client's local marketing efforts will help you continue to scale your agency, earn more clients, and improve the results for existing clients.

We recently hosted a webinar to provide a better understanding of how agencies can use Grade.us to offer review management to their clients. Watch the video above to see for yourself how Grade.us can work for your agency.

On this blog in the past, we've discussed how to pitch review management, price your services, and set up your clients with strategies and tactics to implement an effective online review management program.

Learn about some ways in which you can offer white label reputation management services for generating, monitoring, and responding to reviews on behalf of your clients.

White Labeled Managed Service vs. White Label Self-Service

Many Grade.us agency customers will either offer a managed service to their clients. They won't necessarily provide their clients with access to the Grade.us dashboard but will use a series of email notifications to keep them up to date with the review management efforts. Resellers will actually create a full review management brand and offer access to a branded white label dashboard.


Grade.us White Labeled Managed Service

For agencies that offer a white-label managed service. They will typically create the strategy, answer the reviews on behalf of the client, help them with review generation campaigns, and provide weekly or monthly reports on their review portfolio.

The agency will set up the review funnel, email and SMS drip campaigns, and configure the review stream and social review sharing on behalf of their clients.


Everything can be set up on a custom domain or subdomain so their client will never see a mention of Grade.us.



Once the initial setup is configured, agencies will have their clients send a list of customer emails or phone numbers to upload into the system on a daily or weekly basis to trigger the review request campaigns.

They can also provide the client's employees the white-labeled invite or opt-in form so they can trigger campaigns on their own (as seen to the right here).

grade.us invite form

Clients would also receive a series of white-labeled email notifications. They can receive emails for negative feedback forms (for the segmented review funnels), email notifications for any new publicly posted reviews and white-labeled review portfolio performance reports.

That way, your agency can keep your clients up to date on all of the review management efforts that you're providing on their behalf without having them actually need to log in to the dashboard.

This basic version of white labeling comes at no extra cost. All it requires is for your agency to configure the custom domain or subdomain.

You also get access to our white-labeled resources so you can sell your Review Management services. We provide articles, pitch templates, checklists, and even white labeled explainer videos.


Grade.us White Labeled Self-Service

For the premium option, your agency can white label the Grade.us dashboard for an annual fee of $440.


So when your clients log in to your white-labeled dashboard, they'll see your logo instead of the Grade.us logo so you can brand it your own.


For agencies that pursue this option, they can give their clients access to the Grade.us dashboard, but it will have its own logo on the dashboard.

You still have the ability to choose what permissions the client will have (since some agencies will actually help them with setup) as a sort of 'modified management/consultant type service.' Your clients would also have access to our white label support knowledge base, even though you would be providing direct support to your clients.

We always love discussing how we can help your agency offer review management to clients as part of a larger service offering. Check out the full walkthrough with Anthony in the video above.

For more information about our agency plan and how you can get started with review management for your clients, either shoot us an email at [email protected] or sign up for the Grade.us free trial (you can even set up the basic white label version of the platform on your 14-day free trial.)

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