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The Top 19 Doctor Review Sites For Attracting Patients

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Healthcare has changed forever. 

A recent survey found that 95% of Americans (and 97% of Millennials) find online ratings and reviews to be reliable. Additionally, 70% of respondents stated these ratings and reviews influence their decision when choosing a healthcare provider. 

Healthcare review sites are essential. 

Today we’re going to take a look at 19 of the top healthcare review sites to gauge their potential value for your business. 

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First, let’s take a look at the mainstream review sites.

Google Reviews

google reviews maps

Google reviews at a glance

  • Google receives almost 2/3 of all reviews
  • Google reviews are visible across their products and services (e.g., Ads, Local Ads, Maps, search results)
  • is the most popular site on the Internet today

Why Google Reviews matter

Google Reviews are being integrated into more and more products. Reviews have been integrated into:

Reviews will continue to become more important as Google ads review functionality to more products and services. The greater your visibility in Google products (e.g., Google search, Google maps, local packs, etc.)

Why you need Google reviews

More and more, Google Reviews plays a more dominant role in local search. Your local search rankings are determined in part by the strength, recency, and relevance of your reviews. In 2018, roughly 25.12 to 27.94 percent of your local search rankings (local pack + localized organic rankings) depend on your Google My Business profile, according to a 2018 ranking factors study by Moz.

Today that number is even higher. 

Google My Business (GMB) now accounts for 33 percent of the local ranking pie. Google reviews grow in lockstep with Google Maps and GMB. If you want to rank well, Google reviews are an essential part of the equation. 

Unfortunately, this works in reverse. 

Joy Hawkins shared the results of her study, showing that when Google reviews declined (i.e., Google removed spammy reviews), rankings fell as well. This means it’s absolutely essential that you build a strong review portfolio the right way. 

Google ratings and reviews


With Google Reviews, content isn’t a requirement. Reviewers can add a star rating and tags to complete the process. This encourages volume but means quality often takes a backseat. This means it’s even more important that someone from your clinic or practice reach out to request reviews from your patients.


yelp homepage

Yelp at a glance

  • 127.34 million visits per mo.
  • Yelp is a mainstream review site covering a wide variety of industries, including healthcare
  • You can add you, your clinic, or practice to Yelp. People also can add you, your clinic, or your practice to Yelp

What makes Yelp different?

Yelp reviews create revenue. Research from the Boston consulting group found claiming or creating a free account on Yelp produced an average revenue increase of $8,000.

  • 97% of people choose local providers they discover on Yelp
  • 90% of these people make their decision within one week
  • 51% choose within a day
  • 92% of these people are looking for a provider they can return to
  • 80% of these people share the providers they discover with others

Why you need Yelp

A whopping 26,000+ reviews are published every minute across Yelp’s core demographics. Yelp receives more than 178 million unique visitors per month across mobile, desktop, and app versions of their site.

Practitioner listings in detail

yelp listing example
  1. The name of the business
  2. Aggregate reviews with an average star rating
  3. Claimed status 
  4. COVID-19 status updates
  5. Photos and videos of the clinic or practice
  6. Website, phone, address, and messaging


yelp listing example
  1. About section providing a brief description of the business, services offered, and important details 
  2. Location and hours include a map, address, and link to driving directions as well as hours of operation
  3. Amenities would include payment options and insurance, as well as other on-site benefits (e.g., valet, parking) 
  4. Ask the Community allows users to ask reviewers important questions about their experience with your business

Yelp ratings and reviews

yelp review example

If patients in your area are using Yelp, it’s an important channel for your clinic or practice.

Facebook Recommendations


Facebook Recommendations at a glance

  • Facebook has 2.37 billion monthly active users
  • Facebook advertising has a potential reach of 1.944 billion people
  • Facebook recommendations written by patients can be viewed by friends, friends of friends, and the public extending the reach of an individual review exponentially

What makes Facebook Recommendations different?

Facebook is the third most popular website on the planet after Google and YouTube. They have 2.37 billion monthly active users; patients use their platform to find and request Facebook recommendations for healthcare professionals.

Why you need Facebook Recommendations

One out of every three users on Facebook, or approximately 800 million people, use their platform for reviews and recommendations. Additionally, two out of three users, approximately 1.6 billion people, visit the page of a local business every week.

Facebook listings in detail

  1. The aggregate rating for this listing 
  2. An invitation to review this particular practice or clinic
  3. Recommendations by a specific reviewer
  4. The date and status of a specific review
The reviews on this listing are public, so each review is visible to friends, friends of friends, the public, and search engines If patients share their experiences on your competitor’s Facebook profiles, it’s a good idea to focus some of your attention on boosting your Facebook recommendations.

Facebook Recommendations

Better Business Bureau (BBB)


BBB at a glance

  • 19.32 million visits per mo.
  • Listings are oriented around businesses rather than individuals
  • The BBB uses a mixture of ratings, reviews, complaints, and accreditation to provide patients with a broad overview of the clinic or practice

What makes the BBB different?

The BBB is different from other review platforms. They have both customer reviews and Grades or ratings (e.g., A – F ratings). You can have an A+ rating but one-star reviews. the average rating the BBB shows is not just based on customer reviews; 67 percent of the rating is based on the BBB’s evaluation of that business

Why you need a BBB listing

The BBB receives 170+ million inquiries in the US and Canada each year. By building and optimizing your BBB profile, you’re able to populate your listing with BBB reviews and positive data about your business. This is data you can use to counteract negative reviews. It’s a way to insulate your business against the damage from negative reviews in Google.

Practice listings in detail

bbb-listing example
  1. Name of the hospital or clinic
  2. Single or multi-location practice
  3. Location-specific address and phone number, website
  4. Patient reviews (separate from complaints, rating, and accreditation)
  5. Complaints which give clinics a chance to respond to unhappy patients
  6. The ratings of the business and their BBB accreditations
  7. The other location details of the business

BBB ratings and reviews


The BBB is still popular with patients across various age groups; consumers view them as a kind of watchdog group that protects them. 

Next, let’s look at industry-specific and specialty healthcare review sites.


healthgrades homepage

Healthgrades at a glance

  • 21.82 million visits per mo.
  • Healthgrades offers A to Z data for searchers who are looking for general practitioners and specialists
  • Users can search for doctors by specialty, condition, procedure, or state
  • Healthgrades offers listings for both individuals and group practices

What makes Healthgrades different?

While other sites rely on ratings and reviews, Healthgrades evaluates hospitals solely on risk-adjusted mortality and in-hospital complications. They evaluate approximately 500 million claims from federal and private reviews, using that data to rank doctors based on complication rates at the hospitals where they practice, their experience, and patient satisfaction.

Why you need a Healthgrades listing

A shocking 50 percent of all Americans, an estimated 163.6 million people, visit Healthgrades before seeing a doctor; they have the largest audience of healthcare consumers anywhere online. Healthgrades has become the go-to source for healthcare reviews.

Practitioner listings in detail

  1. Practitioner name, specialty, gender, and age
  2. A description section healthcare professionals can use to share their history, education, accomplishments, and instructions
  3. Aggregate ratings from patients
  4. The address of the practice, phone number, and whether practitioners are accepting new patients
  1. Ratings breakdown showing the number of reviews per rating
  2. A summary of reviewer sentiment (what went well, what needs to be improved)
  3. Filters for reviews
  4. Individual reviews from specific patients, along with dates

Healthgrades ratings and reviews


Healthgrades is a must-have platform if you’re looking to attract more patients to your health care practice. The vast majority of Americans rely on their platform to find the right provider and health care practitioner.



WebMD at a glance

  • 150.95 million visits per mo.
  • Patients can browse by location or specialty, search by condition, or browsed by procedure
  • With WebMD, patients can research any condition, drug, or treatment or get professional help directly
  • WebMD focuses on individual healthcare professionals

What makes WebMD different?

Founded in 1998, WebMD is the top healthcare website in the world. WebMD has a vast amount of content, traffic, and access.

Why you need a WebMD listing

During March 2020, WebMD’s network of websites reached more unique visitors each month than any other leading private or government healthcare website. This makes WebMD the leading health publisher in the United States. In the fourth quarter of 2016, WebMD recorded an average of 179.5 million unique users per month and 3.63 billion page views per quarter.

WebMD is a healthcare powerhouse. It’s a strong performer with consumers and search engines.

Practitioner listings in detail

  1. Profile photos
  2. Name, title, specialties 
  3. Website, clinic, and address
  4. Call to action buttons (book online or call)
  5. Hours of availability
  6. A brief description including specific education, experience, and background information
  7. A list of conditions treated, procedures performed, and specialties
  8. Education, residency, credentials
  9. Ratings and reviews include the following criteria: explains conditions and treatments, takes time to answer my questions, provides follow up as needed
  10. A list of accepted insurance plans
  11. Locations along with name, address, and phone (NAP) data
  12. Hospital affiliations (practice and admit patients)
  13. Colleagues who practice at the same locations or have the same affiliations

WebMD ratings and reviews




ZocDoc at a glance

  • 8.99 million visits per mo.
  • Patients can search by condition, procedure, specialty, or doctor name
  • ZocDoc helps healthcare providers fill last-minute openings in their schedule
  • All reviews go through a moderation process to verify the authenticity of a patient’s review

What makes ZocDoc different?

ZocDoc founders come from a long line of doctors; the platform was built by industry insiders, professionals who understand medicine and technology.

Why you need a ZocDoc listing

ZocDoc attracts more than 6 million patients per mo. but they only have 47,000 providers on their site. Clinics and healthcare professionals are in demand. What’s more significant about ZocDoc is its focus on healthcare providers. 

They understand the devastation a malicious or vindictive review can do. Their interests are also closely aligned with healthcare providers. They generate leads for clinics and group practices, so they do their very best to be fair while also keeping patient care front and center.

Practitioner listings in detail

  1. Profile and practice photos
  2. Professional’s name, title, specialty, and location
  3. Covid-19 safety precautions
  4. A brief bio and description outlining the details, experience, education, and credentials of the healthcare professional
  5. The aggregate rating for an individual professional and recent reviews
  6. Information on insurance, education, credentials, certifications, hospital affiliations, memberships, awards, and publications
  7. The location of each healthcare professional
  8. Patient reviews sorted by relevance, recency, or rating

ZocDoc ratings and reviews



Vitals at a glance

  • 4.62 million visits per mo.
  • The largest database of patient reviews for doctors and providers
  • Vitals enables patients to filter their search results by a variety of factors, including insurance accepted, patient reviews, years of experience, distance, virtual visits, and more

What makes Vitals different?

Vitals provides patient reviews for doctors, providers, hospitals, and pharmacies. It’s a platform managed by Sapphire, a healthcare technology company that helps more than 100 million healthcare shoppers find the healthcare products and services they need.

Why you need a Vitals listing

As an organization, Sapphire provides technology solutions to health plans, employer groups, union and labor markets, and health systems. Their technology platform enables patients to make informed decisions about their health care options.

Practitioner listings in detail

  1. Profile photo
  2. Name
  3. Specialty, provider address, aggregate review rating, phone number, availability, and website
  4. Profile summary listing experience, availability, language, affiliations, and specialties
  5. A brief bio sharing important details on experience, specialties, values, and approach
  6. An aggregate rating based on the total number of patient reviews
  7. Practitioner locations 
  8. A shortlist of specialties
  9. Patient reviews 
  10. Hospital affiliations (practice and admit patients) in the following locations
  11. Education and credentials
  12. More information and another brief description of your practice

Vitals ratings and reviews



Solv homepage

Solv at a glance

What makes Solv different?

According to Solv, 75 percent of patients won’t choose a doctor who can’t see them within one week.

Solv is an urgent care solution that’s focused on convenience. Using Solv, patients can book same-day doctor’s appointments, tests, procedures, and video visits with the healthcare professionals of their choice. It’s designed for minor procedures and appointments.

Why you need Solv

Solv is perfect for patients who are looking for immediate or short-term appointments in a particular clinic. Solv’s emphasis is on speed and convenience. When patients search for an urgent care clinic in their area, they’re looking for immediate assistance. 

This is perfect if you’re a local healthcare professional or you’re running an urgent care clinic in your local area. It’s an immediate supply of patients who want to see someone in your clinic or practice right away.

Practitioner listings in detail

solv listing example
  1. Clinic name (Solv isn’t focused on individual practitioners)
  2. Book online box provides patients with immediate options for scheduling an appointment
  3. Hours of availability, address, accepted insurance, and clinic phone number
  4. Descriptions and instructions 
  5. Clinic hours of availability
  6. Maps, address, and links to directions
  7. A list of services offered by the clinic
  8. Photos of the clinic (to create familiarity, demonstrate cleanliness, etc.) 
  9. Ratings and reviews that use: wait times, quality of care, bedside manner, staff friendliness, and facility cleanliness as evaluation criteria

Solv ratings and reviews


realself homepage

RealSelf at a glance

  • 5.53 million visits per mo.
  • Patients can search by city, state, country, doctor, procedure, or verified status
  • All RealSelf Verified doctors must maintain a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars
  • RealSelf reviews the medical license of each RealSelf Verified doctor every 3 months
  • RealSelf Verified doctors commit to responding to consultation requests within 2 business days
  • Listings are focused on individual doctors rather than a specific practice
  • In addition to reviews and referrals, RealSelf sells skincare and procedural care products on its website

What makes RealSelf different?

RealSelf is focused entirely on plastic and cosmetic surgery. While RealSelf offers reviews, they approach things differently. They share reviews on doctors and clinics, sure, but they also share reviews on categories. Patients can share their feedback on a particular procedure, outlining whether that procedure was “worth it” or not. 

Patients supply unflattering before and flattering after photos. 

They share sensitive and embarrassing details, often sharing the reasons (shallow or not) why they decided to take the surgery route. It’s a refreshing platform that’s a must-have for any healthcare professional in the cosmetic or plastic surgery field.  

Why you need a RealSelf profile

RealSelf is the leading cosmetic and plastic surgery review platform. Take a brief look at the site, and you’ll notice that a large majority of doctors and healthcare professionals have been with RealSelf for many years. 

The platform has high expectations, but they take exceptional care of their doctors and patients. 

It’s a platform doctors can use to grow their business consistently over time, provided that they’re able to meet RealSelf’s stringent requirements.

Practitioner listings in detail

realself listing
  1. Aggregate ratings and reviews
  2. Profile photo and verified badge 
  3. Name and title
  4. Years of experience, address, and aggregate reviews
  5. Book a consult 
  6. Covid-19 updates used to reassure customers who are uneasy during the pandemic
  7. Surgery portfolios that show off a surgeon’s best work
  8. Years in practice + education, memberships, awards, hospital privileges, certifications
  9. Locations and affiliations
  10. Discounts and incentives

RealSelf ratings and reviews

realself review example


fertilityiq homepage

FertilityIQ at a glance

  • 149.63K visits per mo.
  • As the name suggests, FertilityIQ is focused on all things fertility
  • Healthcare professionals are sorted by ratings and reviews
  • FertilityIQ offers listings and ratings for both individuals and clinics

What makes FertilityIQ different?

FertilityIQ is hyper-focused on one thing, fertility health care. The doctors listed here are focused on one thing – helping families conceive and bring healthy kids to term. Their founders, Jake and Deborah, battled the same fertility issues and miscarriages their visitor’s experience.

Why you need a FertilityIQ listing

Sites like Healthgrades or ZocDoc have fertility specialists in their database, but visitors will have to sort through these details on their own, digging through individual profiles. FertilityIQ gives you the information you need to sort healthcare professionals based on a variety of factors. They also provide pertinent information on reviewers, something you won’t get anywhere else.

Practitioner listings in detail

FertilityIQ listing example
  1. Sentiment breakdown outlining the number of patients who recommend, don’t recommend or are neutral
  2. Practitioner name, profile photo
  3. Group practice 
  4. Aggregate ratings for the individual practitioner and the percentage of people who recommend
  5. Educational details, including medical school, residency, and fellowship details
  6. Available contact channels for healthcare professionals
  7. Clinic name location and the number of professionals working at this location

FertilityIQ ratings and reviews

FertilityIQ Review example

If you’re looking for a fertility specialist, FertilityIQ is the ideal place to start.

Healthy Hearing


Healthy Hearing at a glance

  • 701.53K visits per mo.
  • Healthy Hearing is focused exclusively on hearing care professionals
  • Hearing professionals are verified by Healthy Hearing
  • Healthy Hearing offers listings for group practices

What makes Healthy Hearing different?

Healthy Hearing has more than 4,500+ clinic profiles and more than 35,000 consumer reviews; their directory is the largest of its kind in the continental United States.

Why you need a Healthy Hearing listing

Healthy Hearing is exclusively focused on hearing health care. The site was developed by hearing professionals for patients and professionals, matching both groups together.

Clinic listings in detail

healthy hearing listing example
  1. Name of the clinic or practice and the address
  2. Aggregate reviews 
  3. Request an appointment
  4. List of hearing professionals listed in this clinic or practice
  5. Hours of availability/operation
  6. Additional location listings 
  7. Social media links 
  8. Accepted forms of payment
  9. Aggregate reviews with an average review score
  10. Clinic details including a brief description, locations, services offered, education, and awards

Healthy Hearing ratings and reviews


ratemds homepage

RateMDs at a glance

What makes RateMDs different?

RateMDs approaches the ratings and reviews process entirely from the patient’s perspective. This is a bonus for prospective patients in the sense that it covers more detail on a particular clinic or practice than is often available on other sites. 

Let’s say you’re focused on building a strong, ongoing relationship with your patients and you’re doctor or practice administrator. In that case, RateMDs is an excellent option for building a strong review portfolio. 

Why you need RateMDs

Patients on RateMDs go into more detail, sharing uncomfortable data points that other platforms simply ignore. Their platform requests feedback from patients on several criteria, including staff performance, punctuality, helpfulness, and knowledge. 

RateMDs is strictly focused on reviews. 

They’re not selling products or supplemental services, and they’re not professing to have additional knowledge or expertise about your practice that they don’t have. What they do have is in-depth knowledge of your customers and a large following. 

If you’re in or near a major metropolitan area, RateMDs is definitely worth your time and effort.

ratemds listing
  1. Profile photo
  2. Practitioner name and specialty
  3. Aggregate reviews and overall rankings
  4. Gender, map, address, and phone number 
  5. Ratings and review form across four dimensions (staff, punctuality, helpfulness, and knowledge)
  6. Ratings and reviews from previous patients

RateMDs ratings and reviews homepage at a glance

  • 227.59 thousand visits per mo.
  • specializes in hearing and is listed as America’s #1 hearing aid resource
  • has reviews on hearing aid products and hearing professionals
  • displays reviews of individuals and group practices

What makes different?

Their primary focus is hearing improvement via hearing aids. If you’re an audiologist or hearing professional, their site is a helpful resource, especially if you’re looking for product recommendations for new or existing patients in your practice.

Why you need was the first truly independent shopping resource for hearing aid consumers. Their site is unique due to its product and professional focus.

Practitioner listings in detail

hearing tracker listing example
  1. Name of the practice
  2. Aggregate star rating and score, as well as phone and website links 
  3. The address, phone number, and hours of availability
  4. Reviews aggregated from third-party sources (i.e., Google reviews)
  5. An about us section that can be used to describe the hearing tests, products, and methodologies used in your practice
  6. A list of staff members in your practice, including their qualifications, certifications, organizations, and individual reviews
  7. Service listing that includes testing and diagnostics, hearing assistance, and secondary and tertiary services
  8. A listing of the hearing aid brands and products used in your practice or clinic ratings and reviews

hearing tracker review

whataclinic homepage at a glance

  • 710.19K visits per mo.
  • 15.7 million people visit every year
  • Focuses on international healthcare
  • Oriented around clinics and healthcare providers, rather than individual professionals

What makes different? focuses on international healthcare. The site helps millions of patients find and book the right clinic and more than 135 countries.

Why you need

If your clinic or practice relies on travelers, is necessary. They provide detailed listings for over 120,000 clinics on their site. These listings include doctors, dentists, beauticians, and cosmetic surgeons, fertility, and more. This site is a must-have for frequent international travelers, healthcare tourists, or vacationers and clinics or practices that rely on travelers as a core part of their revenue.

Practitioner listings in detail

whatclinic listing example
  1. Business name, location, and phone number
  2. Profile photo, business images, treatments, and pricing
  3. About sections describing your clinic, education, experience, services, and more
  4. Ratings and reviews that list the services performed, the country of origin and are verified via email
  5. Accreditations, credentials, and amenities
  6. Languages spoken (especially important for international clinics) ratings and reviews

Niche healthcare review sites

The last few healthcare sites on our list are smaller; they’re typically focused on a specific niche or group. Depending on your healthcare practice, specialty, or industry, these sites may or may not fit. 


wellness logo

Wellness describes itself as a healthcare social networking community for like-minded people and subject matter experts. They receive approximately 283.92K visits per mo. If you’re willing to invest the time and energy required to build an audience on, you’ll earn a devoted group of patients who are eager to spend their money with you and spread the word about your business.



RealPatientRatings is a plastic and cosmetic surgery review site that’s oriented more towards patients. On their website, they state: 

“Not just anyone can go online and write a review through RealPatientRatings, and the participating providers cannot selectively choose which patients will be surveyed. This means the results reflect the actual experience of all patients.”

Providers who work with RealPatientRatings engage them to independently survey all of their patients. This could be a disaster or a benefit depending on your perspective. If you prefer to pursue your reviews, this platform may not be a fit. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable with them approaching patients on your behalf for feedback, it’s definitely a win. 

Whatever you decide, you’ll want to treat this site as a niche platform. While there’s a decent-sized number of reviews on this site, there isn’t enough activity (at this time) to justify your undivided attention and focus. 

Dental Insider


As the name suggests, Dental Insider is focused on dentistry. This website has 435,000+ Dentists and practice profiles and more than 1.6 million patient reviews. If you’re a new dentist or you’re looking to grow your practice aggressively, this up-and-coming review site may be a great place to build your review profile before their site takes off.

Dr. Oogle


Another review site for dentists; this bare-bones site allows prospective patients to search for a dentist by city or state. This site provides a surprising amount of detail but isn’t currently a high-traffic site. This site has an interesting comparison feature, allowing patients to compare dentists. 


It’s a promising site with excellent features, but as of today, it’s still a niche player. If you’re a new dentist and you’re looking to grow your practice rapidly in your local area, this may be a good fit. It’s a helpful nudge in the right direction, especially if you’re looking to build a strong review profile and possibly boost local traffic in Google. 

Build your review portfolio with these healthcare review sites

Patients all over the world are searching for reviews. 

As we’ve seen, more than 95 percent of patients view online ratings and reviews as a reliable method to pre-qualify their healthcare provider. The majority use these ratings and reviews in their decision process when they’re choosing a healthcare provider. 

As a healthcare provider, your review portfolio is essential. 

Use these review sites to build a strong review portfolio that shows patients you provide the care, guidance, and protection they need. Use these sites consistently, and you’ll find you attract new patients to your clinic or practice automatically.